“World Of Dance” Tidbits On January 27, 2017 Taping, Video, And Photos

Below is Jenna Dewan Tatum sharing some “behind the scenes” footage of her dressing room and getting ready for a shoot. Could this be for “World Of Dance” since they did a taping yesterday? Not sure, but, she looks amazing in that orange jumpsuit. You can also see some gorgeous photos of Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough on the set of “World Of Dance” at Pure Derek Hough. Also, from what I gather from social media, yesterday Supercr3w (a well known crew) was there as well as the crew that performed with Jennifer at the American Music Awards for the Celia Cruz tribute. The routine was so amazing, Jen stood up and started dancing. This fan said the two hour ride to watch the taping was worth it. If you are interesting in attending a taping, see this link.

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