World of Dance, By the Numbers – Week 1

For those of you used to seeing this sort of feature on PureDWTS, recognize there is no work for me to do here, just more of a tabulation and keeping track of how the various dancers are doing with the judges. After a few weeks, perhaps we will see some patterns to the scoring, or by the end of the season we will recognize that one dancer, one team or one Junior is always standing above the rest when it comes to average score.

Here’s how the scores looked for Week 1.

Points of interest to me – I liked The Kinjaz best of the night but they were not top of the leaderboard, not that it matters since the point was to qualify. They aren’t dancing against each other just yet.  My second favorite of the night? Keone and Mari. They have a real charm about them that I loved and I loved the style. There was no one that I didn’t like at all, just those two were my favorites.

Kinda hard to make the argument that Derek is the “nice judge” in looking at the scores since Jennifer gives the high mark as often as he does…and Derek was the low grader on D’Angelo and Amanda. I suspect that he will grade anything ballroom a bit tougher – afterall, he knows what he’s looking at. But I think Jennifer was right – it’s not that he’s “nice” it’s that he’s a “sweetie”.

NeYo, on the other hand, IS the tough one. He was the low score on five of the seven groups that performed. But he’s never mean or condescending, which I loved. He just doesn’t grade on a curve. 🙂

I will be curious to see what other dancers don’t make the cut. Nxt Lvl were pretty damn good. What was missing was the charm of Keone and Mari, the cool of Les Twins, or the out and out amazingness of Kinjaz or Diana Pombo.

What did you all think…and are you ready for week 2?