World of Dance, By the Numbers – Week 2

Well, week 2 was every bit as spectacular as week 1 was on World of Dance. As a veteran DWTS blogger, I must say it’s a breath of fresh air to see judges give constructive comments and criticisms when it’s needed. And you can tell that all three of them are seriously into dance and not just all about themselves, unlike a couple other dance shows that shall remain nameless. 😉

I will say that most of the dancers I liked MORE on re-watching – which is typical for me with these shows. I tend to be hypercritical when watching live. When I go back, the dances tend to have a bigger impact than they did on the original viewing. I certainly had a greater appreciation for The Lab (loved them from the start), Fik-Shun (was only so-so when live) and Quick Style (appreciated the song choice the first time around, loved it all this time).

On the other hand, Luka and Jenalyn did not really increase my positive view. They were alright and the tricks looked cleaner on the second viewing. I still don’t get how Miami All Stars made it through on that performance – not one of my favorites. I also found myself agreeing with Courtney’s assessment of Nick Daniels on a second viewing.

As I said last week, there’s not much work for me to do for this show, when it comes to the numbers – at least not yet. More like presenting the standings before the next show happens and see if we can spot any trends, etc. So here’s this weeks standings along with last weeks for comparison:

As I said in my live blog last week, I certainly hope this show doesn’t devolve into having the very same problem as So You Think You Can Dance – the fawning over ANY contemporary performer, regardless. The favoritism towards contemporary dance is evident…yet the contemporary is the one genre that easily all begins to look the same after a while. We’re not there yet with this show, but the fact that they closed this show two weeks in a row with contemporary dancers is NOT a good sign. Love Diana, but only so-so on Nick. The Lab, Fik-Shun and Quick Style were all equally good choices as closer. We’ll see. But I’ll be disappointed.

That said, Nick didn’t score as high as some of my favorites so maybe I’m worried for nothing. Ne-Yo continues to be the tough scorer while JLo is more of a light touch. Derek is somewhere in the middle. He tends to go harder (at least verbally) on the ballroom or ballroom adjacent folks, which should be no surprise.

So, what did you all think? Anything on the show surprise you? See a trend that I don’t?