NBC’s World of Dance, Season 1, Week SEVEN – LIVE Blog

Hopefully, all of our site issues are fixed and we won’t have the problems we had last week. Fingers crossed!!

And here we go!!

We’re at the Cut.  Two spots in each division. How will they do it??  Well, the judges are mentoring. And Misty Copeland is here – love her.

Two weeks of cuts. Starting now.

Love Jenna’s dress.

Each division gets a leaderboard of judges scores. Top two acts go through. Jennifer mentoring the junior division.

Diana Pombo is up first.  And Jennifer is going to be a mess by the time this show is over. 🙂

Derek looks stunning in that suit. Got a bit distracted. 😉

Anyway, I love Diana but this is so standard contemporary. Angsty and flaily. She did it very well, but…

Great critique from Misty about the feet. The judges as a whole didn’t really seem to rave.

Diana gets a 92 from the judges. Very high, IMO. Not sure I agree with that, considering who is yet to come.

Immabeast gets an 84.2 – not long for the show since that is the first we’ve really seen of them and they were heavily edited. Loved the costumes, loved the attitude.

Now the M Sisters – hopefully they get away from the angsty failing contemporary that I’m so tired of. Love their dresses.

Okay, that was happy flailing. 🙂 It was good. But I have yet to be amazed. Or moved.

Okay, now someone will be eliminated depending on how they score…

And the M Sisters make it to the top 2 thanks in large part to Derek.  They would have made it if he had only scored an 84.

And now for one of my very favorites – The Lab.

Don’t meddle with my Lab, Jennifer. Wonder who their choreographer is.

I love these kids. And that dance was INCREDIBLE!! Those faces. Go Derek! Go Derek!

Their energy is just amazing. If they aren’t in the final it might be a crime.

They better be number 1…

Okay, that’s a damn crime. An 86? Are they setting it up so that Eva and Diana both go through? That’s just wrong.

If Eva bumps The Lab, I will be Jabbawockeez Fan Level pissed….although I won’t hold on to it forever like they are. 🙂

Eva is not quite as flailing – and I like her edge. Derek emotional is not a good sign for my Lab.  I might be mad at him for a few minutes.

I feel like the Lab (and other non-contemporary) are hindered by the non-tear jerking nature of their routines.

I’m officially pissed.  Seriously?? Two contemporary dancers at the top of the division?? Over The Lab.  SUCKS. They should be in the running to win the whole thing.

Now for the Teams being mentored by Ne-Yo.

Swing Latino is up first. And their first discussion is costumes? Okay.

I would be shocked if they make it through, just based on who else is in the Division.

When they’re not all in unison there is too much going on. But when they are it’s quite amazing. Although there were a few glitches I think.

LOL Derek.  I think they’ve made a name for themselves, regardless.

Swing Latino gets a massive 92.5. Wow….that’s shocking but it makes me happy.  Who are they trying to knock out?

SuperCr3w is up next.  And they’re going “risky” for a B-boy.

That was very different. I was mesmerized the whole time. Maybe they saw that they have to beat the little contemporary girls.

Misty and Ne-Yo competing to see who can be the toughest. And they get an 88.5 thanks in large part to Derek. The key to Derek is his heart. Something his fans have known forever, but it’s really clear here.

So, it’s over already?? The sign of a good show is that it is over before you blink.

What did you all think?? I’m still miffed about the Lab but I’ll get over it. I doubt very much that’s the last we’ll see of them where as contemporary is kind of a dime a dozen.