NBC’s World of Dance, Season 1, Week EIGHT – LIVE Blog

We’re seeing some of my ultimate favorites tonight!! Ian Eastwood, Keone and Mari, The Kinjaz…I can’t wait!! Very excited. I have one wish…that Les Twins don’t go through. Bound to not get my wish. I want Kinjaz and K&M. Doubt I get what I want.

I’m scared for tonight. Not afraid to admit it.

First up tonight – The Kinjaz. Damn. I hope that’s not a bad sign.

FYI – I can name several sexy Asian Americans. Just sayin’. 🙂

Holy crap. That was amazing. I can’t even tell you how much I loved it. Fantastic. So tight, so cool. Shit, JLo making excuses to underscrore them. That’s going to piss me off.

Give all the judges jackets and get a…. 93.5. Damn straight. YES!!  Very sad that it knocks out SuperCr3w though. Damn. There are no good cuts at this point.

Chapkis Dance family are out, but you kinda knew that based on the way they were edited thoughout the competition. (Score: 85.8)

Ian Eastwood is up next…I’m very torn.  I love Ian, but I also love Swing Latino.

Okay, that was lovely. It’s interesting, as we go through the competition a lot of the acts that would be labeled as “hip hop” or something related are turning very lyrical which I love.

Judges are in their boxes as always. Don’t leave your box or you won’t win.  Curious. Score for Ian: 89.

I feel like they were very underscored. I also feel like they were underscored to make sure that Swing Latino was in the final. Jennifer, if you want them to be the change, you need for that to be reflected in your score. Otherwise, it’s just BS.

Derek is up as a mentor. We know he’s good at this. First up Luka and Jenalyn.  Yes, Luka, he is an icon.

Come on, kids – kill it.

Holy crap – that was amazing. Not only did they incorporate more dance, but the tricks were amazing.

Judges being assholes again. Except Derek, of course. He’s not totally positive, but he’s kind. I suspect this will be a low score.

Okay, that was ridiculous scoring, IMO.  An 80.5. So freaking low.

Fik-shun  up next, talking about the fear of getting older. Derek can relate since he’s a few years older than Fik-shun. 😉

Here we go….Park bench, unbrella. I feel like he told a whole story with that dance, one that everyone can relate to.

That was excellent, but I feel like they chopped out parts of it. Derek getting heated at NeYo (again) and correctly. It appears that Ne-Yo is alone in his opinion. Unfortunately, every judge counts in this instance.

Score an 84.2…that’s kinda disgraceful. They’re saving up for who? Les Twins and who else. Pissing me off. Jennifer, you can say you disagree with Ne-yo but your scores just don’t reflect it. So, shut it.

Pasion happens when I was expecting a commercial – very low score (78.8) and they’re out. We could have expected that, since they were edited so poorly last time.

Well, this is the decision. If it means I can have Keone and Mari, I’m willing to sacrifice Fik-shun. Unfortunately, there’s no way they are letting go of arrogant twins…I mean Les Twins…so I will love for Keone and Mari to make it.

Les Twins up next…can they win me back??

I’m not sure I understood any of that package. 🙂

They stepped it up from what they showed Derek and it was pretty cool.  I enjoyed it. I don’t think it was as dynamic as Fik-shun.

Misty saying what I’ve been saying all along. Ne-yo kissing butt. Derek calls them out for holding back – he’s right, they were. Jennifer loving all over them too. I’m gonna be bummed if they bump a favorite.

Les Twins score an 93.5. I’m sorry but how were they so much higher than Fik-shun?? They were good, but that’s ridiculous. This is why the show needs to be longer than an hour, because as it stands, I call bullshit on some of the judges calls. Perhaps if we saw the entire dances, we would agree with them.

Keone and Mari are next and are changing it up…and this concerns me because the judges have shown NO tolerance for people going outside their box. And I love this duo.

That was amazing…I think their small movements are more powerful than their big movements, if that makes any sense. They move a couple fingers and it’s brilliant. That was fantastic. Derek said it perfectly – an art installation.

Score: 93.2 – they knock out Fik-shun and they are a tenth of a point below Les Twins. As it should be…personally, I liked them better than Les Twins, but the difference is so infinitesimal so I’ll take it.

Unfortunately, the winners of each division seem foretold  and I’m quite certain that I will not agree with the results. But we will see.

What do you think?