World of Dance, By the Numbers – Week 9

Well, only one more week of this season of World of Dance and our finalists are Eva Igo, Les Twins and Swing Latino.  I had a few problems with this episode as you may have gathered if you read my post on what could be fixed for next season of World of Dance. 🙂  Specifically, Jennifer’s score disparity between Les Twins and Keone and Mari, not to mention her comments to Ne-Yo when he gave Keone and Mari a 100.  I find that exchange to be both telling and disturbing.

In any case, let’s take a look at how the scoring broke down.

I gotta believe that the judges not only were judging the dances in front of them, but were also thinking about the final three and who they like the most. This is almost certainly true of Jennifer and I think it’s likely true of the two men as well, although maybe not as consciously.

With that in mind, Derek gave his highest score of the night to Eva Igo – in fact, he was on target to not give anyone better than a 95 until he got to Eva who he gave a 97.  Ne-Yo, on the other hand, threw out a 100 to Keone and Mari – part of me wonders if he saw what Jennifer was doing and was trying to counteract it.  He did it wrong if he was, because he gave Les Twins a 99. Eva got his third highest score.  Jennifer gave Les Twins her highest score of the night, Eva her second highest and Swing Latino the third highest.  Coincidence? I doubt it. I seriously doubt that after watching Keone and Mari over the course of the season she gives them a 90 – not fourth place for her, but fifth. That’s…crazy.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she ranked them 1. Les Twins, 2. Eva and 3. Swing Latino – and I suspect that’s how the show will end as well, unless the two men start busting out the 100s for Eva. And they could. 🙂

Looking back, Jennifer has give Les Twins the high score of each round out of ALL the dancers – for those where we saw all three judges scores. The writing has been on the wall for her since the first week. Derek also gave Les Twins his highest score in round one, but after that, he’s all over the place – seems much more open to scoring a particular dance, with less agenda. Ne-yo joined the club with Les Twins in the first round, but after that he was on the Keone/Mari train, giving them the high score of the night in at least two rounds.

What does this mean? No idea. 🙂  There’s not really much else to say at this point – just watch the show and see what happens.

This season it has been hard to figure out the best way to do the numbers and analyze them – so you tell me: do you think there are other ways to look at the numbers? Did I leave anything out??