NBC’s World of Dance, Season 1, The FINALE – LIVE Blog

So, who’s going to win ONE MILLION Dollars?? I suspect not who I want to win. Since I haven’t been getting my way all season, why would it start now? πŸ™‚

Here we go. Kill it, Eva!

Each act will dance twice for a Million dollars. As Derek says – life changing.

Average score from both dances will decide the winner. Meaning they will score normally then average the two scores, I guess.

Les Twins are up first and are talking to Jennifer Lopez – and she tells them no one wants to hear about the ankle. Truth.

Can Les Twins do two dances that are different from each other? Might be obvious with two dances on one show.

They’re not that in sync – and I feel like I’ve seen most of this before. Oh they dance separately for a few steps.

Come on, Derek, it wasn’t all that. Your eyes look good with that suit, though.

Ne-yo and Jennifer giving them a tongue bath also – calling it emotional? Last week was far better.

They get a 92, 92, 95 from Ne-Yo, Jennifer and Derek respectively for an average of 93. Not that great of a score, but they’ll hose someone. Odd that Derek is the high scorer…but 95 was his go two score for everyone he felt was worthy last week.

Swing Latino is up next. Very worthy act, and one who will probably benefit greatly from winning this show.

Derek is with Swing Latino and he’s busting some amazing moves with them. He picks Conga by Gloria Estefan for them to dance to. Uh oh, they have a dancer with a broken ankle. Far worse than Les Twins, but less moaning from him.

I really like the formations they are doing. It seems much cleaner than it has been in the past. Whoa, amazing tricks. Seems in sync. One issue on that trick – almost a drop, but other than that, wow.

Derek and Ne-yo having a cardio arrest. I would have to agree. That was really good. Disagree with Derek – I think that was one of their cleaner dancers.

Scores are 91, 89 and 95 for a 91.7 – that’s fair, I think. I would have gotten them closer to Les Twins just because of the sync and the extreme difficulty.

Is Eva going last a good sign? I can hope. πŸ˜‰ Ne-Yo chatting with Eva about her confidence. He picks “In the Air Tonight” for her. Quite a departure for her.

Derek is such a fan of hers, it’s cute.

She looks lovely. I prefer the original version of this song, but this version works for her. Kid can stop on a dime, with is amazing. Waiting for a big moment from her though.

Oka I like how she cocks her leg with the beat, that is cool. But I was hoping for more from her. She’s a great dancer, but not wow tonight, IMO.

Judges are giving her plenty of love. I think the special thing about her is how big she dances for someone so young. Not a fan of flails or angsty, but mostly she’s great.

Scores are a 90, 90, and a 90 for an average of 91 which puts her in third place, for now. Judges commented on the choreography lacking in Eva’s dance and I would agree with that.

Eva has to go first in the second round because she’s in last place?? That seems fishy, I think.

Eva is all in gold – and has such a great attitude.

She’s got her edge back and is doing so pretty cool moves. A little angsty. Okay that was really good. Derek is out of his chair. That was great.

JLo is giving some raves. Derek calls her a star, and I think she will be for sure, win or lose. Ne-yo calls her a beautiful monster who is ferocious. I would agree with that. Takes guts at 14 to get out there all by herself.

Shit, now I’m crying.

Scores are….95, 96 and 98 for an average of 96.3 Her average with both dances is 93.7. I forgot about that averaging part, dang it. I hope she can hold it.

Looks like Derek is going to be doing some dancing with Jimmy Fallon tonight. πŸ™‚

Swing Latino is back on the floor. And they’re building a mountain in the back. Sync is good again…and as soon as I said that they had a little issue. And the crazy tricks keep coming. Love the huge formation at the end. These folks never give up, ever.

JLo and Ne-yo loved it. Derek is tougher on all ballroom related – he calls this one cleaner and appreciates that they risk it all.

Scores – 93, 95, and 96 for an average of 94.7. Their combined total is 93.2 – 0.5 lower than Eva, so Eva is still in the comp and Swing Latino goes home. They represented their style and their countries VERY well. Congrats to them. I hate to see them crying.

Eva versus Les Twins. David versus Goliath. Almost afraid to hope it turns out the same way.

Here we go – Les Twins.

Like the jacket with the leather stars on it. Very cool.

The mirrors are cool, but I wonder if that was there idea. Otherwise, it seems like same ole same ole. Of course it was good, but there were few special moments that were different from others of theirs.

Jennifer is drooling. But bringing Eva into it is interesting.

Scores are: 94,
97, and 93 for a average of 94.7. And they win by 0.2 points. Damn it.

Well, did the right person win? And did Eva give them a run for it or what??

And shall we take bets on how long before Les Twins are on Jennifer’s payroll?? πŸ™‚