World of Dance Season 2! WEEK 2 Live Blog!!

OMG AGT, what are you doing to me?? The older dancing couple – amazing. 🙂 WoD might have a hard time living up to that. 😉

The dad with the 6 kids? :::tears:::

Here we go…WoD!! More qualifiers. You only need 80 points to move on.

HOORAY!!! The Lab is back!! Love these kids, especially little miss stank-face.

And that was excellent – my reaction pretty much mirrors Derek’s. Force to be reckoned with per JLo. Derek and Ne-Yo rave as well. They did NOT disappoint!!

And they get 95, 92 and 95 from the three judges respectively. 94 average – they moving on!!

Daniella and Pasha are up next with ballroom – please kill it. If you’re “breaking the rules” Derek should love you.

I wonder how many of these ballroom couples Derek went and recruited. He said he was going to find great dancers in the off season.

Very steamy, that turn was amazing. Okay, all their turns are amazing. That was pretty amazing, I do wonder who they will stand up against all the other acts. Okay, Ne-Yo is agreeing with me, but Derek is loving them as I expected he would – their quality of movement is stellar, but Derek does point out the need to make an immediate impact. HE sees it, but the audience may not.

Score?? 79, 93, and 87 from Ne-Yo, Jennifer and Derek, respectively. Derek is most realistic, IMO. Average was an 86.3. I will say that I don’t think Ne-Yo is qualified to say a word about ballroom because he’s likely less familiar with it than the average DWTS viewer.

Third group of the night is Connection from the Upper Team.

Wow, excellent. Love the use of latin flavored music – that makes it a bit different than many. Excellent. Standing ovation from the judges – Hip Hop Latino style from JLo. Judges kinda cracking me up. Love them – they’re very emotional too. Makes me root for them.

Scores: 90, 92, and 90 for an average of 90.7. Very worthy.

Oh boy, contemporary dancers from Utah – the home of all great dancers. These look like youngsters. They are Charity and Andres – yep Juniors.

Okay, they’ve got some interesting, non-cliche moves, but also some standard contemporary that Courtney and I always complain about. Pretty compelling at the end of the dance. Contemporary has to do a lot of work to wow me anymore.

Derek loving the Utah angle. JLo is raving. Derek raves. Ne-yo finding lots of “million dollar” routines tonight. Scores 93 from Derek, 96 from JLo and 97 from Ne-Yo for an average of 95.3. That seems overscored to me, but that’s why I get bugged by contemporary. It has no real rules (unlike ballroom) and people get sucked in really easily. Yes…they were great. But 97?? Too high.

BDash and Konkrete are up next…wasn’t the latter on SYTYCD?? I know I’ve seen him before. Come on, guys, KILL IT!!

Krumping…I mostly love it and I think this is very good. Entertaining. I find it hard to tear my eyes away.

Audience seemed low energy, but the judges seemed to like it. JLo calls it gritty yet so damn smooth.

I suspect they will do well – judges liked that they went to choreo class. And it’s 96, 93 and 94 respectively for an average of 94.3 – excellent. Did we have krumpers last season? I don’t remember any…

Oh goodness – the Fabulous Sisters, so cute. A whole bunch of little girls in red. they have quite the story, being involved in the Japan earthquake and tsunami, then the subsequent issues with radiation.

Holeeeee Crap, that was amazing and I’m not even sure what it was!! So good. Might be my new favorite!! Okay, my spread sheet says they’re Urban – but the outfits threw me off. Maybe there was no other categories.

Score is 94, 93, 97, respectively for an average of 94.7 – very worthy. Excellent. Oh, they made me a bit weepy with their happiness.

So, everyone made it through tonight with some pretty high scores. Personally, I think some of the teams tonight deserved scores just as high as what we saw last week. But it doesn’t really matter – we’re qualifying here.