‘World Of Dance’ Season 2, Week Three Qualifiers – The Performance Videos

If you missed episode three of World Of Dance, here are the performances that qualified. Wow, they were all so good. Josh & Taylor and The Elecktrobotz were my favorites.

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World of Dance Season 2! WEEK 3 Live Blog!!

Well, what will we get this week? Also, a question – what kind of number would you like to see this season? Do you want just a recap of scores for the qualifiers??

Not sure I understand the appeal of Howie’s Golden Buzzer act on AGT a few moments ago. But okay. 🙂 Time for WoD.

First act is the Ruggeds from the Netherlands. B-Boys.

Seemed a bit old school to me. Some of their formations will appeal to Derek. Not sure how competitive they’ll be.

Ne-Yo and Jennifer and picking at them a tiny bit, as I suspected they would. Not surprised. Derek agrees, and adds that there is a sync issue at the beginning. I agree with that too.

They score an 82, 83 and 85 for an average 83.3, so they make it to the next round.

Derek’s b-boy name was Heavy D…and he says he was anything but Heavy. 🙂 About 30 pounds. Jennifer’s name was “baby love”.

Young Hip Hop duo up next. Josh and Taylor? Cuties. They’re going with a theme of him being a cop and her being a rebel.

Starting very sharp. Great stutter move. Excellent. I’m digging this. That slide through the back of the chair. Yeah, saw Derek try this in a preview. About 10 years ago he could have done it easily. Josh is from Immabeast and Taylor is from Kintey – both from last season.

Judges are very complimentary, Jennifer comparing them to Keone and Mari – I would agree.

They score 92 (Derek), 94 (JLo), and 94 (Ne-Yo) for an average of 93.3. They’re going through!! Fitting Derek through the chair was tighter than I remember. 🙂 He’s bulked up too much. I’m fine with that. 😉

Belarus and Korea in the house. Locking group from Korea and they’re in the Upper Team category. Name is Lock and LoL Crew.

Seems more like hip hop than locking. And a broadway version of hip hop, which I’m fine with. Love the costume change. They’re totally in sync from what I can see. Very well done.

Jlo says pure entertainment, pointing out the character in the middle. She points out that it can get repetitive so they’ll have to keep up the level of entertainment. Ne-Yo thinks it lost a bit of energy as it went along. Derek loves the formations and color coordination and the hat tricks. All the stuff he’s into. He also points out the knee work.

Scores: 80, 79 and 84…getting pulled through by Derek’s 84 – average of 81. While I think that they were a broadway hip hop team more than popping and locking, I thought they did great with what they did. Kinda surprised by the low scores.

When are we going to see them speed through several acts that either move on or get eliminated? It’s week three and we’ve only seen 15 acts out of the 70 plus who tried out.

Next up is Michael Dameski previously from SYTYCD (Australia??). He’s in the upper level and is a contemporary dancer – I can tell by the lack of shirt and shoes. 😉

Gymnastics or Contemporary…he’s doing very well once he gets going. He’s got some amazing moves in there, but you have to go a long way to impress me on this style. I just didn’t really feel it like I think I should have. I mean, it was great, but…

Derek says he can see his passion, and it was great. Jennifer says it was gorgeous. And that it felt dangerous. And it was exciting. Ne-Yo liked how it exploded with the beat. Derek is raving again. Okay.

Scores: 90 (Ne-Yo), 93 (Derek) and 95 (Jennifer) for an average of 92.7.

Ad for Derek’s Master Class…which I still need to download.

Wow…this is a colorful group! LD Dance Company – they got no package at all which doesn’t bode well.

Is this a Vegas act though? They’re very fast, but I dunno. Their sync is good. But I don’t know if they cut it. Derek wants to know how the one guy got into the group. “blessing their booties” LOL. Ne-Yo looks good in the head dress.

Will they get through after that? Derek does criticize that there are limited moves in that style. JLo comments on the high energy but notes that the artistry and creativity might be lacking – not in those words.

Scores: 71, 73 and 79 – as I suspected, they don’t make it through. They just didn’t even have enough Samba in that routine. Derek was the low scorer on that one – and he’s the expert in this case.

Oh this is a cute group from Hawaii called the Rascals. So cute. Junior Team, obviously. Aww..they can only afford one competition per year. That little one that is crying – want to hug her.

Great start!! Here’s another little one with the stank face. Love it. I thought they did awesome! So fast, hard and sharp. Great personality.

Derek is raving over them. Jennifer calls them adorable, but notes that they need to take their adrenaline and control it and polish it more. Ne-Yo loves “little momma in the middle” and she starts sobbing. So cute.

Scores: 83, 83, and 88 – average of 84.7 and they’re through to the next round. Kinda stingy scores from Ne-Yo and Jennifer, IMO.

Next? Elektro Botz – Upper guys doing robotics (popping)!! This should be cool. Oh, making me emotional talking about his mom who died from cancer. So sad. Kill it boys!!

Super cool opening. Love their facial expressions too. Wow. this is very clever and well done. Love that rotating thing that was n all the commercials. Wow. Very innovative and cool. Derek should appreciate that slo mo ending.

Ne-Yo loves their personality (agreed) and thought it was amazing. Jennifer calls it so narrative which is grammatically odd, but I get her. Derek loves the human conveyor belt, calls it crystal clean. Derek picking on the slow mo – I got that wrong. But then he’s done that to perfection on DWTS and got nominated for an Emmy for it. He would know!!

Scores: 86, 88 and 93 (reverse order) for an average of 89. Honestly disagree with Derek’s lower score. I side with Ne-yo on this one – that was so unique!!!

So who was your favorite this week?? And I have to ask – how do you feel about returning favorites?? Eva Igo is back next week. She’s looking fiercer than normal and I loved her last year. I don’t think I have a problem with people who didn’t win coming back. Why not? It’s not like they have an advantage like you would on a show like DWTS.

For that matter, what is this I see on twitter, people complaining about professional dancers against non-professionals?? I think that’s kinda BS. What do you think??

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