World of Dance Season 2! WEEK 12 Live Blog!! THE CUTS!!

You may or may not have notices our absence last week – I was on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and my cohorts didn’t get my message to cover for me until it was too late!! Anyway, I’m back in my house with a glass of wine and I’m ready to see who makes the cut! According to Derek’s insta story, we’re going to see his sister Julianne tonight as well!! As a redhead! She’s since gone back to blonde, as I recall.

Just a few more minutes!!

Okay here we go…

30 remaining acts are fighting for three spots in each division. Eeep!!

Each judge and Jenna are mentoring. We have Savion Glover for Jennifer and Julianne Hough with Derek.

Two divisions tonight…and they are Junior teams with Jennifer and Savion and Derek with….

Up first is Flip. There are 7 dancers in each division fighting for three spots. Each dance is 90 seconds, per Jennifer.

Red gloves are a very good, effective touch. Derek is grooving, Ne-Yo is loving it. This group is pretty stellar. Very clean. Like it or not, everyone in the same outfit with those red gloves is very effective. Excellent routine!!

Derek is pointing out everything I just did. πŸ™‚ Ne-Yo loves the energy. Jennifer says they’ve come up 100% since she saw it.

Scores: 87, 88, 90 (in order) for an average of 88.3 – seems too low to me. We’ll see. I don’t remember them from the earlier rounds. If we didn’t see them or if they were edited, it doesn’t bode well for them.

Based on the preview, Derek is mentoring the Upper division. I wonder if the fact that JLo is mentoring junior teams is indicative of who’s going to win the whole thing. We’ll revisit that in a few weeks, I’m sure. πŸ™‚

Expressionz are up next…these girls I remember.

JLo is telling them not to mark it…not sure I agree. when they are professional, they can’t expend all their energy every time.

Here we go. Starting off beautiful. Love the leaves, love the costuming. As I’ve said a million times, contemporary dancers have an advantage, although I don’t know if that’s true with groups…they have a harder job. This dance is just brilliant for the synchronicity. Just perfect I don’t see a single mis step. Very impactful, very musical.

Ne-Yo loves it, loves the spins although they might have been too long. JLo says you have to stick with your signature (she’s right), they brought the dance to life. Derek says they are beautiful dancers and that he loves the changes of the spot (he’s so clearly the trained dancer in the group).

Scores: 86, 87, 88 for an average of 87 – too fucking low. Damn. Second place that probably won’t hold. Ugh.

The Pulse is up next – young ballroom troupe in case you’ve forgotten. JLo coaching them on Paso (um, no) telling them to step it up. That there is so little intro and the dance is highly edited is not a good sign. Looks like an excellent paso to me, although there is a wardrobe malfunction, and they’re not as clean as the previous to groups.

The Pulse takes second place – which doesn’t bode well for them OR Expresionz since Pulse was heavily edited. They’re going so fast I missed everything other than “second place”. Both will likely get knocked out. Anytime you get edited for time, you’re not going to advance.

Damn, the cuts move too fast. Making me tired. πŸ™‚

Next up, The Lab. One of my favorites. They have to get better than an 87 to advance.

Jennifer is crying during their rehearsal which is a good sign. One of the lead girls opens up about a tragic experience…no mention of what it is, but she’s very emotional. I love Mommy Jennifer.

Here we go….All are dressed in blue except for the one girl who is in black. They are holding her back. Starting off amazing, very impactful. Now she has her jacket. This is just excellent, telling a great story with lots of great tricks. Sooooo clean. Fantastic. Standing-O from the judges and everyone is crying.

JLo says the emotion and love sets the apart and it feels like a family. Jennifer wants to hear more what it’s about. The girl says again “hard experience” and the dance is about how she went to her team. Derek is crying and the other judges comfort him. He can relate to hard childhood. He says they are so special. Derek makin’ me cry. Ne-Yo says there is nothing better than real and genuine. He raves.

You know it’s great when your competitors are crying too.

Scores: 98, 97, 100 (Derek, Jennifer, Ne-yo) for an average of 98.3 – well deserved. They knock out Expressinz.

Up next: Quadsquad. We only get a glimpse of them and it looks good but they’re not going to make it. Very little package and the dance is edited down to about 30 seconds. Looks amazing though.

They get an average score of 86 and are in 5th place.

Rock Company is next and they get much more of a package with Savion and Jennifer. Jennifer says they’re not telling the story in the best way. A very cute little girl tells the story and Jennifer says she needs to see it. They need an 88 to make it.

Like the opening formation. And the breathe in….I like the little boy with all the girls, pretty effective. the dancing is very good, love the girl lifting the boy. I like the formationsAll of them in a line is pretty effective.

Derek loves it, Jennifer is crying and says that it was poetic, beautiful, magical and says they did exactly what they needed to do. Ne-No is agreeing. Derek says he’s excited about their future. Calls out the boy for doing a beautiful job, and the ladies for shaping and framing the pice. Ne-Yo says technically stunning, a boy ascending to heaven and dancing with angels.

Scores: 93, 93, 95 for an average of 93.7, knocking out the Pulse.

So rooting for Fabulous Sisters….

Fabulous Sisters have to get an 88.3 to stick around.

They’re going to be “totally different” this time. Jennifer says there’s a lot going on but this performance needs a lot of work, it doesn’t go anywhere. Savion says that they need to dance it out. Jennifer says there’s no purpose to it and that they need to work it out.

Here we go…costumes are great – Derek loves it. Wow. The throne with the little girl with the crown – very strong beats with very fast hand movements and dancing all in sync. Little girl at the end back on the throne. This was incredible. LOVED IT. All the judges are standing.

Ne-Yo says he loves how they take elementary moves and turn it into something amazing – very true. Amazing. He says the little girls is a monster (also true). Jennifer is raving and also loves how the little girl was the focal point. Also points out how different they are. Derek jokes that they borrowed jennifer’s throne. Loves how they went into “hyper mode”. He is raving. They were excellent.

Scores: 94, 97, 98 for an average of 963 and they bump Flip… probably as is should be. They were excellent.

Your Junior Teams going to the final rounds:

The Lab
Rock Company
Fabulous Sister

Up next…an emotional Derek with sister Julianne mentoring the Upper Division.

Here we go….

Michael Dameski is up first. He dances for Derek and Jules. Jules wants to know what the dance is about…his grandparents. Their health is not good right now and it’s been hard being away from them. Derek talks about how there is joy even in memories of sadness. Julianne says she needs more in the beginning of the routine. It’s fun to watch how Derek and Jules move in the same way – they’re almost like twins.

Okay…the dance. sharp movements, flexibility movements. Seems rather simple starting off. Backflip was nice. It does really pick up halfway through and becomes much more energized. There is no doubt this guy is a great dancer, but I don’t know if this gave me enough to send him through to the finale.

Jennifer says she was leaning forward during the dance, that it was spontaneous, that it was danced like an angel. Derek says he’s incredible and the acrobatics were amazing and that he danced through it which is amazing. Talks about the emotion, says he did well. Ne-Yo talks about the slide down to his heels and how that takes power. Says he did a great job.

Scores: 91, 95, 93 for an average of 93. Sorry, this seems too high to me. It was just okay for me and considering the others in his group, I’m worried.

DNA up next. Derek noticing some wobbles in rehearsal. Julianne does as well, comments that she is waiting to be picked up. Derek and Jules show then how it’s done.

Let’s go…rooting for them. Staging is cool. The hand reach is awesome as is the fog. Great first lift. The Passion is there. Very nice lifts. Seems pretty seamless. Loved it. Thing is, ballroom is so much tougher than contemporary, as are other styles.

Jennifer loves it, loves the passion and hunger. Ne_yo says they are elegant, didn’t see any mistakes. Derek talks about his comments in mentoring, says none of those issues were there in this performance.

Scores: 90, 89, 89 for an average of 89.3 – they are currently in second place.

Next up is Alisa and Joseph. Hip hop couple reminiscent of Keone and Mari. They get edited down pretty extensively which is not a good sign. And I didn’t realize it until halfway through which is also not a good sign.

Score: average of 86.3 – pretty sure that won’t last.

BDash and Konkrete up next. Talking to Derek and Jules – they tell them to take it to the next level. Jules says choreo is amazing but the transitions need work. Derek says they have to milk every moment to wow them.

They need an 86.3 or higher…both wearing nice vest reminiscent of the 1800’s. Inventors? Love how they interpret the music. Love the bit with the hat. Great sync part. This is more lyrical than most poppers or animators. Love it. As does Derek, since he’s out of his chair. All the judges standing.

Jennifer says that was an amazing concept. She says they can bring an idea to life. Derek says they did a great job, loves the production, that they stand out from everyone else. He also says they need to balance it out with dancing. When they did start dancing it was super clean, super impactful. Ne-Yo says they did extremely well, but he agrees with Derek. Other than that, dope.

Scores: 92, 91, 90 for an average of 91, sending Alise and Joseph home and keeping themselves safe…for now.

Marinspired next – I don’t know if they should make it, considering the competition. Derek likes how they always have a story and a journey. Story is about how one of the came out at 13 – they stay true to themselves. Jules says they need to really use each other. Derek – energy should never stop.

They need an 89.3 to make it to the next round. For now. They’re all dressed up. Great leap. this dance has a lot of cool moves, very impressive. A kiss right in the middle. Their energy is really good and this dance is very strong. I may have to take it back. Great pirouettes.

Jennifer likes their strong, crazy man-thing. She’s not sure she got the whole story of this piece. I would agree. Derek says this was his favorite of theirs, the choreography flowed better. Says the relationship is so strong. Ne-Yo appreciates there is no one else like them. Entertaining from start to finish. They need an 89.3 or better.

Score: 88, 87, 88 for an average of 87.7 – they are eliminated. As I kind of predicted. I hope they come back next year.

Only two performance left which means that Michael is guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Ashley and Zack!! Let’s go!! Derek and Jules know these two very well. Derek says they’ve been getting lost in the pack and they need to step it up. Zack talking about how the piece is how his best friend passed away. Derek is emotional but says something is missing – live in the story. Jules agrees. They have to jump right into the emotion.

Derek very emotional again, as is Zack and Ashley. Julianne crying too. Says he’s showing how his friends feel safe with him.

Here we go. Ashley in a hoodiewhich is being used almost as a prop. Great move of Zack lifting her with his feet. Wow. another great lift. The hoodie is removed for a lovely dress, but removed in a very intricate way. The dance really picks up speed and engird, almost celebratory, until it becomes heartbreaking again. Wow. Beautiful. Ashley is crying.

Derek says it was stunning, that this time Zack was the focal point, showed his heart. Massive breakthrough with that performance. Ne-Yo says this is what real emotion looks like – he was moved. Jennifer says it was really nice piece and that she loved it, it’s hard, not easy. She says it was perfect in that sense.

They need more than 89.3.

Scores: 90, 91, 93 for an average of 91.3, knocking DNA out of the competition. That makes me sad…but I do love Zack and Ashley.

It’s down to BDash and Konkrete versus Karen y Ricardo for the last spot in the finale. My money is on Karen y Ricardo, but we’ll see….

Karen y Ricardo need better than 91 to survive.

Derek talks about how amazing they are, and how he didn’t recognize them without the sparkles. They say they’ve never been apart since they were 15. Julianne says they are raw and grind-y and that Karen is a BOSS. Derek says that a slower dance is a risk, julianne says their transitions are a bit clunky. Derek says that slow routines expose things.

Okay…love her outfit, for one thing. Opening position is amazing. it does into an amazing drop. Still sensual still fast routine, relative to others, in any case. Wow…the spin with her wrapped around his head. So sharp, so tight. Love it. Again with they amazing spins. And another amazing lift/drop toward the end. All of the judges are out of their seats…JLo is even jumping in her chair.

Jlo loves it and says it is so exciting. Exceeded her expectations. Derek says they were hotter than the fire behind them. Says there is more dancing in this, more rhythm. Ne-Yo says the slower pace allowed him to enjoy the dancing more. I think they’ll make it.

Scores: 100, 99, 98 – an average of 99. they move into first place by 6 whole points!! They knock out BDash and Konkrete which makes me very sad for them. You upper division is:

Karen y Ricardo
Michael Dameski
Ashley and Zack

Wow. Some strong dancers!! Who’s your pick in this group?? Very tough call, but Michael is in third place for me.