World of Dance Season 2 – What’s Coming Up on Week 2 of the CUT

Paula’s getting feisty, that’s what. 🙂 And the commercial makes it appear that she’s getting feisty with Rudy Abreu and his troupe.

Last week we got the Upper Division and the Junior Team Division. The dancers moving to the Division Finals are:

Upper Division
Karen y Ricardo
Michael Dameski
Ashley and Zach

Junior Team Division
Fabulous Sisters
The Lab
The Rock Company

I think that it’s Karen y Ricardo’s to lose in the Upper Division, but the Junior Team Division is mind boggling. I love all three groups with a special fondness for the first two. I would like to see both the Fabulous Sisters and The Lab win for different reasons. That’s going to be the hardest division, for me.

As for the next dancers to face The CUT??

For the Upper Teams, I’m thinking that the top three will make the Cut, with the possible exception of Desi Hoppers getting ousted by Poreotics or The Bradas. Lock and LoL Crew didn’t make much of an impression on me, but they have a shot as well. I tend to think Embodiment and S-Rank are a lock to make it through. I adore Desi Hoppers and will be hoping they make it as well, but…

That said, I’m with Desi Hoppers because they bring something different to the table, and that is their splashes of bollywood throughout their routines – and I love me some good bollywood. 🙂

As for the Juniors, I have to confess that I don’t find any of them particularly interesting with the exception of Victoria Caban…wait, I take it back. I just rewatched the following to refesh my memory:

These two were EXCELLENT – kinda bad that I didn’t remember their duels dance though. Rooting for Jonas and Ruby – I am a ballroom fan after all and Ruby is a star. Not a fan of overwrought contemporary and as much as I like Jaxon Willard, I hope he changes it up. Same reason I’m ambivalent on Avery and Marcus although the flexibility and the balletic nature of their dance is amazing. Also rooting for Sean and Kaycee and I think they may make it through because they’re also different.

You can watch ALL the full performances at World of Dance’s Youtube page.