The Finale of World of Dance Season 2! Live Blog!!

Just a few more minutes until we start the finale. Who do you think is going to win?? I’m no longer sure of anything. I think I would like to see the Lab win.

Love to see the judges dance on TV…remember, what was shown on TV was a short version of the full dance you can see online.

Each group or dancer dances twice – once to a song picked by their mentor and once to a song of their choice.

Love that shot from the LA museum with Charity and Andres, where all the lamp posts are. So cool. They’re up first with Derek as a mentor.

Derek picks “Ain’t No Sunshine” which is a remix of the original. Love when he gets in there and dances with them.

Love the start, with her in silhouette, and then they turn up the heat. This is very good – contempofusion style dance which I appreciate. I don’ know if it’s enough to win it all but they’re damn good.

Derek stands for them, loves the partner work, loves the silhouette. Asks the how they feel being this close, they are grateful. Ne-Yo mentions the broken toe again – the big toe which she did all those crazy spins on. Jennifer loves how the compliment each other, says it was a great routine, but there were moments where they had nerves.

So, they’re not Jen’s favorite and we know her favorite has to win, right? I hope Derek and Ne-Yo remember last year.

Scores: 92, 96, 95 for an average of 94.3. So, in spite of her words, she didn’t hose them. But what she will do is over score the one she wants to win.

S-Rank is up next – love them. I like the teams for whatever reason and this team is cool. They are being mentored by Jennifer…does that mean they’re the ones??

Jennifer picks “Headband” by B.O.B….they love it. She wants emotion of some kind, not necessarily tears, but dig deeper. Oh, their leader is making me weepy.

Love the outfits!! He’s nervous!! Cool out dude! Oh, really love the jacket. Love the concept. I think they are more effective all together…and here we go. Now I almost feel like there was too much going on there – it was so intricate though. Not sure it was my favorite of theirs, but there is no question that it was excellent.

Jennifer asks how they’re feeling. She thought it was risky that he was “just” the conductor but that it worked perfectly, she thinks it’s one of their best. Derek says they are incredible, love the concept. Loved all the styles, they are in it to win it. Derek says it all starts with the leader and he’s been fantastic. Ne-Yo says they remind them of their name and says that was a million dollar performance.

Scores: 91, 95, 93 for an average of 93. They are in second place. Jennifer actually scores them a point below Charity and Andres…actually, I think all the judges do.

Derek dancing with Jenna!! Love it.

Michael Dameski is up next with Jenna as his mentor. She gives him Ed Sheeran’s “Dive” which could be a bit of a challenge. I like Michael just fine and I think he’s very strong, but I feel like I’m watching a gymnastics routine when he’s dancing. Perhaps Jenna’s song will change that up.

Love the staging, beautiful. And he is doing a bit more dancing than usual. love the spins, as does Derek since he sed to do them all the time.

Why do I feel like these dances have been edited, except for Charity and Andres??

All the judges have “goosies” – Derek has them on his legs. LOL. Typical question of “how are you feeling” from JLo. Really? they all say the same thing. Ne-Yo says he deserves to be here and asks him what the dance is about. He was talking about a love story. Jennifer says the letter was like another person. Derek says he thinks quality when he thinks of Michael. Says his lines are amazing, the intention is great. I would agree with that – he was awesome at that. Ne-Yo likes the combination of strength and softness.

Scores: damn commercial. 95, 97, 95 for an average of 95.7.

Sorry, I don’t see how that dance was that much better than the two that preceded it. Jennifer went absurdly high. I wonder if she has plans for him.

Finally, the Lab. Mentored by Ne-Yo. Such cute kids – but dang. Tough little dancers. Ne-Yo give them “Work It” by Missy Elliot. They like the intricate beats, love the popping and freestyle.

Here we go…Off to a great start. Love the slides. Love the shake with the neon. So in sync, so amazing. Amazing somersault trick in the middle going right into another amazing trick. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. OMG. So good.

Ne-Yo wants to know how they feel. Of course. :::rolls eyes::: Neyo says they went beyond what he expected and it was a million dollar performance. Derek says how they utilize their strengths is just amazing. He says they’ve been consistently great and they’re the whole package. Jennifer notes they’ve had the cleanest performances of the year.

Scores: 97, 97, 97 for an average of…97. ๐Ÿ™‚ They move in to first place and rightfully so. Should have been perfect.

We’re getting Kinjaz with Keone and Mari!! Fantastic. Do we get Derek too?? He was wearing a Kinjaz costume earlier on twitter….Man, Keone and Mari should have won last year. Or Kinjaz. so awesome. YES!! That’s fantastic – and that Derek blends right in. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that they pimped his tour too – get tickets now, people!!

Here we go with round 2!! Performing in reverse order based on the leader board, which means that S-Rank goes first. Jennifer says they have to put a narrative in their moves now. I love the leader of this crew…so amazing. He’s killing me.

Dressed as bikers. Amazing opening with everyone dancing to the revving. Love how the rest of the crew popped out from behind the bikes. They are bringing it – Derek is dancing along with them. Now this is a great routine – much better than their fist one. Love when it picks up the pace even more.

Standing O from the judges. The whole crew is crying which is making me cry and it’s making Jennifer cry. Derek is like “don’t hit me with the Dad stuff”. LOL. He says they finished very strong, they lived up to their name. Ne-Yo says every time they touch the stage they remind us why they deserve to be there. Judges give them another standing O.

Scores: 94, 94, 94 for an average of 94. That seems low. They can only win if the others screw up, at this point. 93.5 is their final combined score. I don’t think that’s going to hold up, unfortunately.

Charity and Andres are next, calling Utah nowhere…Derek is from there as well, kids. He’s giving them so good advice. Dude knows how to win, for sure.

Edgy outfits. Love them. Oooo…cool opening with the light bars. Wow, cool twist/flip thing. Starts out hard and then goes soft…then back to driving. Great leap by Andres. And another one. Excellent lift and spin. Wow…excellent dance. Standing O from the judges.

Derek talks about Charity launching Andres across the stage, how they execute every single time. Ne-Yo talking about that great throw, he loves the heart they have. Jennifer says it’s difficult for her to judge, but it started off slow but then it caught all this momentum. She says their partnership is so special. Again, Derek asks how it felt. And they say the usual.

Scores: 96, 93, 94 for an average of 94.3. Combined average is: 94.3 – they just edge out S-Rank. That was a very touch call – I wouldn’t have known what to do with those two groups.

Can I just say that I love Jenna’s outfit??

Les Twins were not my favorite last season, but there’s no denying that they are very entertaining!!

Michael Dameski is up next, dancing to Survivor.

Very interesting start. Love the fall off the back, and the reappearance. This is pretty good although a bit slow, IMO. It seemed like it went very fast too.

Ne-yo called it amazing, and of course asks him how he’s feeling. And of course, he’s feeling good. Energy and intent is what Ne-Yo has to say. Jennifer loves watching him push himself through the performances. She says it was a really strong performance, that he did all he could. Derek is thinking of the first time they saw him, everyone knows him now, that he has busted his butt every week. Being a soloist and coving the whole space is amazing – he’s a phenomenal dancer.

Scores: 98, 96, 95 for an average of 96.3 which gives him a combined average of 96. I’m sorry – that’s just wrong. There is no way he was better than Charity and Andres. And not even better than S-Rank. It was a super tough call between S-Rank and Charity/Andres, but I didn’t think this one was even close. Sorry Michael fans.

The Lab’s second song is John Mayer – which seems really risky. Ne-Yo says the emotion is going to make the difference.

Let’s go, kids. Okay, I’m feeling much better about it. It’s quite lyrical, with a narrative. And they bust out the sync! That was really lovely. I dug it. The whole audience has flowers and the kids are all emotional. The message is one of love and kindness and how it can make the world a better place.

Jennifer has spent the whole season trying to figure them out, says they’re going to change the world. She’s all emotional…which is making me cry. Derek echos what she said, he’s proud of their generation and hopeful. He was worried at first when he heard the song and noted that it was a departure and risky…but he says it hit right. Ne-Yo wishes his kids were here to watch this. They touched everyone in the room. Whole room is crying. They are beyond incredible.

There should be no contest here – The Lab should win this easily. But will they???

Jennifer is right – Michael has become an outstanding performer. She says the Lab has grown and it’s beautiful. I agree on both counts, but I think The Lab should win. Gonna be pissed if they don’t.

The Lab’s Scores: 96, 98, 100 for an average of 98…that should give it to them. Combined average is: 97.5 and the WIN!!!

The Lab WINS!!!