Who is Set to Compete on World of Dance Season 3??

I’m sure many of you have seen the new promo for World of Dance Season 3 that came out a few days before Christmas (when I was on vacay). Between that video and twitter, we have a few ideas as to who some of the competitors are – I am NOT good at naming dance teams from this video, but there are other eagle eyes out there who are. Here’s the promo:

Not the face, JLo, not the face… 🙂 Anyway, can you pick out any of the dancers in the promo?? They look amazing. Here are a couple that have been named thus far:

So, Kings United (India), All Ready (Korea) and Jorge Valcárcel/Jonathan Troncoso (Peru) are three of our competitors this upcoming season. Kings United are a male hip hop team from India – World Hip Hop Dance Champions in fact! Since there are several of them, they are likely in the “Upper Team” category. I think, provided they don’t change the categories again.

Kings United Wiki
Kings United Instagram
Kings United Facebook
Kings United YouTube

All Ready appears to be a female duo from Korea. I don’t see a stated style on their facebook page, but they definitely have a very strong ballroom/latin vibe and they have a Salsa competition post.. Derek is going to love this duo – fantastic dancing, from what I’ve seen.

All Ready Instagram
All Ready Facebook

The third tweet says, when translated, that two Peruvian dancers “captivated” JLo while competing on the upcoming season. It links to an article about the dancers, specifically Jorge Valcárcel, which says:

Jorge Valcárcel is a prominent Peruvian dancer, was crowned as world champion of dance competitions in different genres such as salsa , danced in El Gran Show by Gisela Valcárcel and is currently in full preparation for the competition in Los Angeles, United States, along with Jonathan Troncoso.

These two are pretty amazing Salsa dancers!! Unfortunately, I’m not sure which social media belongs to them.