NBC Unveils World of Dance Season 3 Art

Also known as promo materials for the new season. 🙂 Go to Hollywood Life to see the new, gorgeous art work and read about the new season. I’ve put a short excerpt below.

But season 3 is taking the competition to a whole new level. The score to get from The Qualifiers to The Duels is getting raised from an 80 to an 85. In The Duels, the judges added what’s called the Redemptions, where the two highest-scoring acts that did not win their head-to-head routine get one last chance to compete for a spot in The Cut. These changes are key, right?!

“This new season has some jaw-dropping performances and we’re seeing acts do stunts and moves that we’ve never seen before,” Jennifer said in a statement. “I’m excited that we’re giving these gifted dancers and athletes an opportunity and platform to shine as brightly as they deserve, for an unparalleled third season in a row!”