WoD Season 3 Contestant Profiles – Lauren Yakima

Lauren is a contemporary dancer in the Junior Division – she gave a stellar performance last night and I suspect she’ll go a ways in this competition. She’s also SYTYCD winner Amy Yakima’s sister, per Justin.

She’s an interesting dancer, for sure. More interesting than some previous contemporary juniors. I think a few years age difference makes a big deal.

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Lauren’s home town paper, the Detroit Free Press, did a nice write up on her before the show got started. Click the link to read the whole thing – an excerpt is below.

If Yakima’s name sounds familiar, maybe it’s because she’s the youngest sister of Amy Yakima, who won Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” back in 2013. The Free Press spoke this week to the latest Yakima to step up as a network TV contestant.

How she got into dancing

“It just kind of just like fell in to my lap,” says Lauren, whose older sisters Amy and Emma also grew up immersed in local competitive dancing. “It ended up being a passion for all of us and something we were good at. It snowballed from when we were kids.” Lauren’s mother, Mary Beth, and father, Daniel, are both proud dance parents who’ve spent more than a decade supporting their daughters’ ambitions and supplying the necessary money and chauffeuring for lessons, weekend dance competitions, national conventions, summer workshops and costumes.