WoD Week 4 Recap and VOTE – Who Got Robbed?? (Poll)

Dang, the duels are usually crushing and this week was no exception. The Upper Division went head to head and a bunch of them went home. 🙁 Question is, did you agree with the judges or did someone get seriously robbed of their rightful spot in The Cut?? Here’s a reminder of the losers (and the Winners):

The Upper Division – Who Was Eliminated?
Loser Score Winner  Score
Briar Nolet 90.3 All Ready 92.3
DD Flection 89 Poppin’ John 91.3
Denise & Josh 90 Jonathan Y Jorge 90.7
Derek Piquette 89.3 Derion & Madison 90
EzTwins 87.3 D’Angelo Brothers 89.7
Briar Nolet Redemption

This was an interesting grouping in that, when they are separated into winners and losers, I don’t have any real disagreement with the results. At all. Very rare. I was annoyed by the EzTwins – mainly because their attitude cost them a slot. By contrast, the D’Angelo Brothers upbeat and happy attitudes won me over easily.  But surely there are some folks out there pissed that their favorite didn’t make the cut.  Let’s take a look at the losing dances – stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post all the winners and ask you to vote on your top 3. 🙂 Read more..