WoD Week 4 Recap and VOTE – Who Got Robbed?? (Poll)

Dang, the duels are usually crushing and this week was no exception. The Upper Division went head to head and a bunch of them went home. 🙁 Question is, did you agree with the judges or did someone get seriously robbed of their rightful spot in The Cut?? Here’s a reminder of the losers (and the Winners):

The Upper Division – Who Was Eliminated?
Loser Score Winner  Score
Briar Nolet 90.3 All Ready 92.3
DD Flection 89 Poppin’ John 91.3
Denise & Josh 90 Jonathan Y Jorge 90.7
Derek Piquette 89.3 Derion & Madison 90
EzTwins 87.3 D’Angelo Brothers 89.7
Briar Nolet Redemption

This was an interesting grouping in that, when they are separated into winners and losers, I don’t have any real disagreement with the results. At all. Very rare. I was annoyed by the EzTwins – mainly because their attitude cost them a slot. By contrast, the D’Angelo Brothers upbeat and happy attitudes won me over easily.  But surely there are some folks out there pissed that their favorite didn’t make the cut.  Let’s take a look at the losing dances – stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post all the winners and ask you to vote on your top 3. 🙂

First is Briar Nolet – not really a loser, since she went on to win the redemption round. Imma post her duel anyway, cuz you’ll see the redemption tomorrow. 🙂

Next up is DD Flection. I’ll be honest, I was shocked by this outcome. I fully expected the judges to go with the champions from Thailand. And I think I preferred them, myself.

Denise & Josh lost to Jonathan Y Jorge but this was a very close call. The only video I could find was both duel participants. Denise & Josh are at the two and a half minute mark, approximately. I do appreciate them more than most contemporary dancers, but I did love Jonathan Y Jorge. 🙂

Derek Piquette lost to Derion & Madison…I was not that impressed by him. I was touched by his story, but I’ve seen too much of this style of angsty contemporary.

And finally…Tobias and the Eztwins.

So, what do you think?? Did any of the above dancers get totally robbed?? I think only DD Flection was really robbed but that’s just me. What do you think?