WoD Week 4 Recap and VOTE – Who Should Win the Upper Division?? (Poll)

So, now we know the standings for the Upper Division. It includes:

The Upper Division – Advancing to The Cut
All Ready 92.3
Poppin John 91.3
Jonathan Y Jorge 90.7
Derion & Madison 90
D’Angelo Brothers 89.7
Briar Nolet Redemption

Here’s a little reminder of who our competitors are. I’m including the full performances from either the qualifiers or the Duels, depending on what my favorite was. 🙂 It’s all about me. First, All Ready – I adored their Qualifiers performance. So different, so upbeat, so unique. I love the fusion of ballroom/latin/hip hop. Just wonderful.

Poppin’ John went up against DD Flection and won – something I’m not sure I agree with at all, but it wasn’t up to me.

Jonathan Y Jorge, this one I agree with. I just love these guys.

Derion and Madison – I loved this routine. This is what I wish more contemporary dancers did – something that makes me go “what? was? that?” Very cool.

I love tap as an art form – LOVE it – but for whatever reason it doesn’t always translate onto live TV. And no, I don’t include non-live TV. There’s this thing called looping which means that sound is put in in post production -otherwise you wouldn’t hear it as well. Well *hearing* it is an integral part of tap. The D’Angelo Brothers took notes from what Ne-Yo and Derek said, about the sound being very important to that style of dance and they KILLED this dance. It had the duel mentality and they nailed it. Well done.

Here’s the redemption round – I liked Briar’s performance in this round better so I decided to include this one:

So, now that I’ve refreshed your memories on the winners of the individual rounds, who are your top three?? Who should make The Cut??

My top three are All Ready, Derion & Madison and Jonathan Y Jorge…and the D’Angelo Brothers get an honorable mention. What do you think??