World of Dance Season 4, WEEK 5 – The Duels

This week? Junior Teams!! This tends to be my favorite division. πŸ™‚

Going out of order, again – the VPeepz choose the Battle Droids Crew. Interesting. Battle Droids Crew talking smack – makes me wonder if we’re being set up. After all, last week all the performers who picked, lost.

VPeepz are up first. Little stumble of the first trick, but their sync is incredible. and very effective in these outfits. A little sloppy on that leg raise thing, but again their sync is incredible. Whole lotta smack talk.

Ne-yo comments on the sync. Jennifer agrees, and says they were hitting it hard. Derek comments on the wobble, but says they did their thing overall.

Now for Battle Droids. Their tricks are all right, but they aren’t as hard hitting as VPeepz. Goops also a stumble on the landing of the trick. Just not as clean, IMO.

Jennifer comments on their lack of traditional technique makes them raw. Ne-Yo says the dancing needs to be a bit better. Jennifer comments on the in between moments. I agree with both of them. Derek says he loves them. Funny comment on little blond dude being a mini-Derek.

Battle Droids Crew: 90, 91, 90 for an average of 90.3
VPeepz: 92, 92, 94 for an average of 92.7

VPeepz are moving on but the Battle Droids came out with a high score.

Love Derek and Ne-Yo’s little Bromance. πŸ™‚

Intention chose Get Down District – I don’t think we saw Get Down District in the qualifiers, unless it was a quick cut. I suspect Intention will win here. (I checked my notes and it does’t say they weren’t shown, so…)

Don’t be cocky, chickie, Intention doesn’t have in the bag. Get Down District going first. Strong start, but kind of cheerleader-y until they took off the white coats anyway.

Jennifer says they gained steam instead of lost it halfway through. She says it was awesome. Derek also says it was a huge improvement from last time. Ne-Yo slightly disagrees. He could tell they got tired, says they can’t get sloppy. She comments that someone shouldn’t have walked their coats off.

Intention up – like their outfits better. πŸ™‚ Ooooo…great opening. Powerful. I just enjoy this routine more, it seemed more mature, more difficult, more polished.

Jennifer says the song didn’t have energy to battle. Derek disagrees and says the music had the energy but they were kind of walking through it. Jennifer says their dancing is amazing however. Ne-Yo liked the rollup. He says it’s possible to have too much going on. He says there is no denying they are top notch dancers.

Intention: 87, 88, 86 for an average of 87
Get Down District: 89, 87, 88 for an average of 88

Get Down District makes it through by one point…and Intention is unlikely to make the redemption round.

Get Down District get the best reward of all – a hug from Derek. The girls have a crush, and Derek is talking about having kids. πŸ˜€

Next MKAM picks Electro Crew. Because they think they can beat the easily. Not a good sign, particularly since there was only three points between them. Ouch…MKAM has an injury in a key position and they have to reblock it.

MKAM’s outfits are crazy cool. And now they have something to fight for…as does Electro Crew. These kids are fierce. πŸ™‚

MKAM up first. That was pretty damn good!! Great trick at the end, great sync, great energy. Jennifer liked the whole warrior vibe, liked the formations and the pictures. Agreed. Jennifer said it had too much going on in the best way – it worked. That’s good choreography (that’s me). Derek loves the duel mentality. Ne-Yo likes smart choreography and they had it, but says there was a couple of missed musicality moments.

Electro Crew is a group that I really liked the first time around. And they look like they might be doing a bit of a thriller vibe. Oh wow…that was damn good as well. Scary, but good. πŸ™‚ I love that vibrating move they did – very good.

Jennifer notes the thriller vibe, calls out a lot of great moves. Ne-Yo likes the narrative, but says they were slightly off – I think he’s just looking for things to call out. Jennifer says they were very effective. Derek says he was nervous for them but they fought back. He thinks their quality of movement was slightly better, but sometimes it got too intricate.

Scores: And the commercials are starting to piss me off.
MKAM: 92, 88, 92 for an average of 90.7
Electro Crew: 90, 90, 93 for an average of 91, which sends them to the Cut.

MKAM goes to redemption, knocking out Intention.

Dancetown Divas are up against JDC – this is a default round, they didn’t get picked. I tend to root for the latin/ballroom folks so I kinda am for Dancetown Divas.

Dancetown Divas are up first. Strong dramatic start, nice lift. Great sync. Excellent. Loved the lean at the end.

Derek is loving them, as is Ne-Yo – both love the sound effects and the dresses and everything. Jennifer loved the music choice. Derek liked they were out of their comfort zone.

JDC is up and of course we go to a commercial. ::sigh:::

Okay, JDC…They don’t seem to be together. They’re good though. Their tricks don’t seem to have a point. Jennifer of course is weepy because contemporary. Gushing over how beautiful it was. Spare me. It was a good routine, very good – but the latin ballroom folks never seem to get credit. Anyway, Jennifer is too easy. Derek loves the breathing in the routine…and I’m going to be mad at him – he is always harder on the ballroom.

JDC: 95, 95, 98 for an average of 96 which sends them through to the cut.
Dancetown Divas: 96, 94, 95 for an average of 95

Dancetown Divas should have won that one, honestly. But they are headed to redemption. So if they don’t make the Cut, there will be more than one team in the Cut who scored lower than them. By a lot. Actually, all the other teams right now.

These boys on this show are too funny. Anyway, Crazy 8’s pick West Springfield Dance – little children picking the last place team, I can let that pass. They are children after all. The Crazy 8’s have been all over the media, they made such a hit last time. I’m a big fan myself – hope they make it through. Although the Crazy 8’s against Dancetown Divas in redemption would be devastating.

Crazy 8’s are going first. That was a lovely routine, but I don’t know if I liked it as much as their first one. Excellent work though. Jennifer says they are pretty amazing, executing beautifully and perfectly and she wants to squeeze them. Derek says they are so tiny but they are huge when they dance, the slowing down of the turn is so difficult. Ne-Yo comments on their skill, but there should have been more to the transitions.

Derek telling the clowns not to be mean to the little nuggets. LOL. And again with the commercials.

West Spring Field are a bit scary. Very unique with the circus, Barnum and Bailey thing going on. That was very different, very unique – I kind of dug it. It was well danced and very interesting.

Jennifer really likes it and found it sinister and unique and dark…she likes it. Derek says it was a huge step up from the first routine. And he was scared. He liked the theatrics. He says the quality of movement isn’t super strong from a technical standpoint. Ne-Yo says they won’t forget them, he loved the theatrics, but he agrees with Derek.

Crazy 8’s: 94, 92, 94 for an average of 93.3 – through to the Cuts
West Springfield: 87, 92, 89 for an average of 89.3

West Springfield doesn’t make the redemption round.

I confess, that bit with JLo and the Crazy 8’s killed me. I cried.

Dancetown Divas are in the redemption round against MKAM right now!! Eeep. Dancetown Divas up first. The latin girls bring some latin spice to hip hop!! That was excellent!!

MKAMplaying off the latin theme but aren’t nearly as clean in my opinion. Their pictures aren’t as good either. But I liked them. Still rooting for the Divas!! Both teams are good though.

The winner is…..Dancetown Divas!!! Whooo Hooo!!! They got my vote.

Next week is the Junior Division!