WoD Week 5 Recap and VOTE – Who Should Win the Junior Team Division?? (Poll)

So, now we know the standings for the Junior Team Division – and I’m not sure it’s as strong as some in the past. It includes:

Here’s a reminder of who the competitors are. First, it was JDC – as I said yesterday, I preferred Dancetown Divas in this round and I got lucky because they won the redemption round. And their duel score would have put them in second place behind JDC so I’m giving them second place here. πŸ™‚ Seriously, the school yard pick way of doing it makes the show interesting, but on what planet should a team like Dancetown Divas get shut out while a team who scores a full 7 points below them gets to move on. Annoying. Which is why I’m grateful for the redemption round. πŸ™‚ Actually, the only duel video available is one that shows both teams, so here they are…

In re-watching JDC, I really did love this dance. I just get annoyed when contemporary is given so much more weight by people like Jennifer who respond to that emotion, real or not. It seemed more real here than it has from other contemporary dancers on this show, so good job.

Next up are the Crazy 8’s – I admit, I love these kids. But I liked their first routine better than this one. They picked wisely, but they need to make sure they don’t repeat themselves in the Cut.

VPeepz are next – looking at the total youtube views from last week is interesting. You have to keep in mind that the qualifiers took place over three weeks, so some videos have been up longer than others, but they have 2.4 million views which seems to be pretty darn good. Them, the Kings, the Crazy 8’s and Poppin’ John seem to be killing it with the repeat viewers. And in rewatching this performance, I can see why they have so many views. Great dance, even with the slight fumbles. Clean it up for next time, kids!!

Took WoD a bit to get Electro Crew up on their youtube channel other wise I would have posted this yesterday!! I liked this routine – not too much Thriller, pretty unique, creepy ending. Watching it a second time I liked it even better than I did on Sunday night.

Get Down District are the group that reminded me of cheerleaders…

And here is the redemption round, where the Dancetown Divas were victorious over MKAM – good call, in my opinion.

So, who are your top 3 acts from the Junior Division?? You can pick three below. If you want to tell me who got robbed from this division, you can head over to my previous post by clicking the link. πŸ™‚ If you’re still fuming from the Upper Division eliminations, you can vote on that too. πŸ˜‰