World of Dance Season 3, WEEK 6 – The Duels

This week, the Junior Division battles it out in the duels…can we say no to a ton of contemporary and nothing else?? Please. First, look at these attractive judges…

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Five minutes….

And here we go….definitely the prettiest judges on TV. πŸ™‚

Ellie & Eva choose Audrey & Mia…not sure this is a wise pick on their part. Contemporary versus Krump…two female duos. Problem is, the Krumpers might be higher energy. On the plus side, Jennifer is a true sucker for contemporary. I lean toward the Krumpers.

Ellie & Eva are up first. Slow, emotional, Kelly Clarkson – pretty much your standard contemporary. I didn’t feel the emotion, but of course JLo did. Derek certainly did as well. Ne-Yo says the dancing was so good and the emotion was so real, they describe how it’s about them being sisters. Jennifer of course got it, she calls it real and technically perfect. Derek says their quality of movement is superb and sensational. Derek says they brought more emotion like the judges asked them to.

Audrey & Mia up next…but it wouldn’t be WoD if there wasn’t an inappropriately timed commercial. Here we go…Box is interesting. I find this more interesting and different than your average contemporary. I just don’t know what’s going to happen next. With contemporary, I always know what’s going to happen.

The krumpers are getting cocky!! But good for them for not being intimidated. Jennifer says they were really amazing, calls it grit versus grace and says this is a tough one to score. Ne-Yo says they did take the notes, they did hit it harder, he likes the confidence. Derek says this is why he loves the duels, they really stepped up their game. He liked the isolations, notes a missed moment toward the ending….guess we know he’s voting.

Audrey & Mia: 91, 89, 90 for an average of 90
Ellie & Eva: 90, 92, 93 for an average of 91.7

Scott taking it a bit too far with the egging on of the shade. Ellie and Eva are moving on to the Cut, no surprise there. Ne-yo notes it’s a high score for Audrey & Mia – could be redemption for them.

Ne-Yo just stole all of Derek’s snacks. These folks are snack obsessed. πŸ˜€

Kayla Mak chooses Funkenometry…ballet versus funk. The boys are humble and nervous. I would like to see a ballerina make it through, but I seem to recall that it was much closer to contemporary than ballet. I like the boys…and Derek’s reaction to Ne-Yo questioning the competitiveness. πŸ™‚

Funkenometry is up first. Like their outfits. They are actually doing much better than their first time. Very in sync. and their burns are cute. Don’t seems mean. Until the end. Derek’s big brother comes out…and then he pulled it back. They did a great job, I think. Jennifer likes someone who can move the crowd, they brought that. Ne-Yo says they danced incredibly and they made him laugh which he likes. He likes the duel mentality. Jennifer says small moments make it. Derek says they made him laugh, they have an identity, they stand in their own lane. Likes the separation in the movement. Great job.

Kayla Mak up next!! Aaaaand….commercial.

Her standing leg seems a little unsteady a few times toward the beginning of this routine. More balletic this time which I appreciate. She did a great job, once she got past the unsteadiness. She says the boys pushed her to up her musicality – Ne-yo says she listened to the notes. Jennifer says she was really impressive. Derek says he loves that she spun the traditional, classical ballet, says her quality of movement is great. And Jennifer caught the wobbly moments!! It wasn’t just me. She says over all it was a really good performance.

Kayla Mak: 90, 93, 90 (Ne-yo, Derek, Jennifer) for an average of 91
Funkenometry: 92, 91, 92 for an average of 91.7

And Funkenometry makes it through to the cut!! Kayla has a good shot at redemption with that score, she’s ahead by one point right now.

Notice when Jennifer is talking about emotion they show all contemporary dancers. Hm.

Aydin Eyikan chooses Moving Forward for a contemporary battle….not sure that’s a good thing. Yes, Derek, it’s apples to apples…but not really. It’s four dancers to one, that makes it very different. I think that the group is more likely to make it…mainly because they’ve not had four male contemporary dancers together before. We’ll see.

Aydin is up first. So far, I’m digging it. It’s a lot sharper than last time and the kid is super flexible. His musicality is better, but I think it still needs work. Jennifer says amazing performance, great attack, said it was exciting. Derek says it was beautiful, very well done. Ne-Yo says he danced like someone who danced for 35 years. Said his final flip was heavy, but quality work.

Moving Forward….after the commercial…

Interesting start, a little unsteadiness. Here is the benefit and the curse of there being four of them. The sync. They either have it or they don’t. I think they do for the most part. I really enjoyed that. I think it was beautiful. I loved it. Jennifer loved it also…she says they were in sync emotionally, she just loved it. She says they anhiliated it. Derek mentions their emotionalness (not a word), he notes they were following the music, and they did syncopation when there was no beat which was great. Ne-Yo loved the pictures they created, but he says there were one or two moments that they weren’t as in sync as he would have liked. He says they were Much better than the first time (agreed).

Moving Forward: 92, 93, 94 (Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Yo) for an average of 93!! Wow. Agree with that one.
Aydin Eyikan: 91, 89, 91 for an average of 90.3

Ah some love between the competitors. πŸ™‚ Aydin moves the Audrey and Mia out of the redemption round.

The default round is Julian and Charlize versus the Trilogy. Hey Julian, if your choreo is being discussed by an Emmy Award winning choreographer, it’s an okay thing. You want those notes, dude.

Julian and Charlize up first. I think Charlize needs to bring it up to Julian…at first. She resolved that toward the end. They have some sync issues, IMO. The judges loved that…it was pretty damn good. Jennifer loves the choreography and the musicality. Derek is raving. Ne-Yo says duel mentality 101, says the burns were just enough.

Trilogy is up! Aaaannnddd….commercial. This is a nice routine with some cool moments. The two boys one girl thing is interesting. Jennifer says they were soaring through that performance. Jennifer says they cleaned it up and danced it beautifully. Derek loves the pictures and the transitions. Ne-Yo says it was beautiful dancing to beautiful music – great technically, but he needed more intent and more clarity. He still comments on it being a showcase again.

Trilogy: 91, 89, 90 for an average of 90…not only do they not go through, but they don’t make the duels.
Julian and Charlize: 96, 94, 96 for an average of 95.3 – through to the cut.

Derek tells them they were sensational. Kayla is officially in the redemption round.

It’s interesting that the contemporary dancers are not shoe-ins this season. I like that. No genre should be a shoe in just because Jennifer cries.

Going back to the high scoring Junior dancer(s) for the final duel of the night. Lauren Yakima chose House of Tap, who feel like the under dogs. Because they are.

Wow. House of Tap has Caley and Kelsey as their choreographers. They are top notch…and work with Derek on his tapping. Dang. I like both of these competitors.

House of Tap going first. Hip hop moves are not their forte, but luckily they move on quickly. Love the acapela section. excellent. And I loved the ending! Jennifer says she loves the girl energy. Derek says they represent tap amazingly, they’re in sync, he loved their internal metronome. Ne-Yo was worried about them, but no they worked, they made it a real duel, quality work. Jennifer didn’t know they had that in them. She says they had smart strategy, and they surprised the judges. She says it was amazing.

Lauren Yakima is up next. After the commercial. I love this girl’s hard hitting style. Not your sister’s contemporary. She’s like the Game of Throne’s contemporary which I like much more than your typical soft stuff.

Derek says he pulled muscles watching that. He says she’s so grounded and solid, which takes incredible skill. He points out that she brings different contemporary. Ne-Yo loves it. Says it was raw and ridiculous. Derek says she has charisma – Derek is speaking my words here. Jennifer says it was a battle dance, but there was too many jumps in a row and she needed more emotion. That’s kinda BS – because it’s never said to anyone other than contemporary dancers.

Lauren Yakima: 95, 96, 97 (Jennifer, Derek, Ne-Yo) for an average of 96 – and on to The Cut.
House of Tap: 93, 89, 92 (Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Yo) for an average of 91.3…they go to redemption, knocking out Ayidin.

Redemption Round is Kayla Mak versus House of Tap. I fully expect this to go to Kayla Mak…although she could give Lauren a run for her money so they may not pick her. We’ll see.

House of Tap is up first. Music is too loud, but they get a burn in and they get some hip hop in. they certainly aren’t giving p.

Kayla Mak next…doing what contemporary dancers do. Do I need to say more. Of corse she’s excellent. To much gymnastics IMO, but Derek seems to love it.

And Kayla is crying which means she’ll get Jennifer’s vote. I hate to say that, and it’s nice that she has a soft heart, but dang. Derek says both did an amazing redemption round.

And the winner of Redemption is….Kayla Mak.

Next week…Upper Teams. And it looks like it will be good.