WoD Week 6 Recap and VOTE – Who Got Robbed?? (Junior Division Poll)

I didn’t have too much trouble with the duels this week. I’m still seeing a lot of commentary about the behavior between the dancers, although I think there was improvement last night. I also saw a lot of love between the competitors. And on top of that I saw an article about the behavior that used Derek’s “stepping in” as proof that it’s going too far. Come on. I think anyone who knows Derek could see that his “stepping in” between groups throwing shade was all in fun. It’s not like any of these dancers were Ryan Locte protesters that Derek threatened to throw out of the DWTS ballroom. Let’s not get carried away.

Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly the possibility that some of these folks could go too far in their shade – but I haven’t seen that yet. And I see most of it as a way to hype themselves up to compete at the highest level.

So, did you agree with the judges or did someone get seriously robbed of their rightful spot in The Cut?? Here’s a reminder of the losers (and the Winners):


The Juniors Division – Who Was Eliminated?
Loser Score Winner Score
Audrey & Mia 90 Ellie & Eva 91.7
Kayla Mak 91 Funkenometry 91.7
Aydin Eyikan 90.3 Moving Forward 93
Trilogy 90 Julian and Charlize 95.3
House of Tap 91.3 Lauren Yakima 96

Let’s take one more look at the folks who lost…one thing I have also seen on twitter is LOTS of people telling the judges they were crazy for letting so and so go home. Lots of that. Up first, Audrey and Mia.

I don’t like how Audrey and Mia got in so many burns, but at the same time, Ellie and Ava were on record as only picking them because they were at the bottom of the leader board. So, if you can dish it out, ya gotta take it. I always have more respect for people who pick people closer in score to them…at the same time, the goal is to win. Ah hell. 🙂 Sorry, Ellie and Ava, you are now on the bottom of the remaining contestants in your division and I’ll be shocked if anyone beats Lauren Yakima from that group.

Next up is Aydin Eyikan. So young!! My thought is that he’s a very, very good dancer, but he’s so young that he doesn’t have the life experience that would influence his dancing in the way that it does for the older dancers. Plus, I felt like he had a lot of repetitive moves – excellent moves, but repetitive all the same.

Trilogy – this was an excellent performance. Part of the reason I liked it more than I might typically like contemporary is the two guys/one girl dynamic. That made it feel different.

House of Tap is our last loser, Kayla Mak making it to the cut via the redemption round. What is it about tap that it can never make the cut?? Well, I just think it might be harder to make an impact in this medium and in a competition setting. I’m a big fan – and I loved the acapella moment in this dance. Great.

Shame, House of Tap is only 0.4 points below two of the teams that are going to the Cut. If Lauren hadn’t been determined to win (she would have beaten anyone in that division) by any means, they could have made it through. And it would have been nice to see what else they might have come up with. Ah well.

So, who do you think got robbed?? Vote for one person/team below…and tell me why. Me? I don’t think anyone was particularly robbed this week – I think all the right couples made it through…and it seems like a rather weak division with the exception of our two contemporary ladies. But what do you think??