WoD Week 7 Recap and VOTE – Who Got Robbed?? (Uppper Team Division Poll)

The only team that didn’t make it that I wanted to make it was Suidy Flamenco…I want some ballroom-adjacent acts to go far!! As for the show as a whole, I see people on twitter complaining that they show behind the scenes stuff and then in the next tweet someone commenting that they love the behind the scenes stuff. Count me in group two. Not only is Derek routinely hilarious, but those behind the scenes bits humanize JLo to a huge degree. It makes me LIKE her, where if all I saw was her judging, I don’t know that I would. I love the guys relationship – just fun. And I would be very happy with Derek attempting a dance move at least once per episode. 🙂

Anyway, let’s refresh ourselves on the winners and losers from Sunday night’s duels:

As I said, I prefer Suidy Flamenco in the first duel…Fuego Dance Crew is not a group I remember today, the day after seeing them perform. Suidy Flamendo, on the other hand…

While the non-Flamenco parts were a bit basic, the skilled required to do flamenco should count for something, IMO.

Next, we have Unity LA versus Style and Grace. Style and Grace just had the misforture of being picked by this powerhouse group, headed by Zack and Ashley from last season and choreographed by Emmy winner Tessandra Chavez. Who did Tessandra win one of her Emmys with? Derek and Julianne Hough. Zach and Ashley also traveled with Derek and Julianne on tour. And that is because they, and the rest of their team, are just first rate dancers. Style And Grace just couldn’t compete with that. They are very good, but they’re just outclassed. They had a few little moments that were a tiny bit sloppy.

Next up, the Exiles take on The Heima…this is another David versus goliath story, I think. I want to root for Exiles because they seem like ordinary dudes with families – much more appealing than a large, professional group, but what are you going to do. I thought this was a pretty damn good routine – competitive. And, luckily, they are made and won redemption. But I’ll show their video anyway. 🙂

Radiance takes on Main Guys next, and win. This matchup only got a single video which shows both dances. Radiance is up first, Main Guys start at about 1:30. Main Guys were excellent, but they had a rough finish on one of their tricks, and I think Radiance being all dressed the same gives their Sync a bigger impact. They were just cleaner with more people.

Final duel of the night was Motiv Crew against, literally, The Kings. You had to know how this one was going to go even before it got started. Here’s Motiv Crew’s performance:

Another David versus Goliath moment that Motiv Crew had little chance of winning. They just seem too immature in their dance compared to The Kings. They may well have fared better against someone else.

When I started this post, I was inclined to say that Suidy Flamenco was robbed – but I no longer think that. I really wanted the Flamenco girls to go to the next round, but Main Guys were really good and probably should have moved on – but the problem is, everyone who made it through SHOULD HAVE made it through. So, can you say that anyone was really robbed when that happens, or just unlucky? I think unlucky. 🙂 So, once again, I’m going with no one was robbed. How about you??