WoD Season 3 Contestant Profiles – The Heima

The Heima are a stand out group in the Upper Team Division. Breaking fusion is their style and they’ve won international competitions. They are from Seoul, South Korea and range in age from 21 to 28 years old. Let’s look at some of their WoD performances. Here’s their performance from the Qualifiers.

What I love about these guys is they are so smooth and melodic – graceful. I really appreciate that flow that they have to their routine. All that and some great B-boy moves. And seriously…the ending of this routine is just killer. Love the masks too. Next is their duel…

This was another beautiful routine. And some of their tricks were just amazing. Who were the Heima before WoD?? Here’s a routine from 2017 at a competition…I can’t believe they only got third place!! Beautiful.

And this is just cool as hell. πŸ™‚

If you want to know more about The Heima, you can hit up their facebook page or any of their social media that I’ve listed below. You know, that’s one of the great things about World of Dance…it introduces many of us to groups and performers that we might never have seen otherwise.

The Heima Facebook
The Heima Instagram
The Heima YouTube Page

You can also hit up World of Dance Magazine to get the Instagram pages of individual dancers. Why not? They’re an attractive bunch. πŸ™‚