World of Dance Season 3, WEEK 8 – The CUT LIVE BLOG

Tonight we’re going into the Cut with the Upper and Junior Team Divisions. As I recall, all the competitors dance and the top three in each Division move to the next round. If you want to refresh your memory on who the readers of this blog voted for as the top three in each division, check out the post at the link.

Show starts in 15 minutes…you have just enough time to review the above linked blog and get yourself a glass of wine…or soda, if you’re not of age. 🙂

Here we go!!

Derek’s pants are…FINE. Yummy. 😉

Upper Division is going first, mentored by Derek. Jonathan Y Jorge are up first, and they love them some Derek. 🙂

Great outfits. Death defying move to start with! Followed by many ore great moves. I love these guys. They’re exciting. Seems like a lot more dancing this time around.

Jennifer feels good about it. Derek says he was concerned with tricks that weren’t working but they nailed them. Jennifer says they went for it with the difficulty. She says they’re dynamic, and she thinks the polished it up but it still needs more refinement. Derek disagrees with that part, he says well done. Ne-Yo says they’ve elevated, but side by side they still need work. Ne-Yo says it was quality, they did amazing, there’s just one little piece.

Score: 91, 90, 91 for an average of 90.7. Not to bad, but I suspect there might better in this field of 6. We’ll see.

Derion and Madison are up next with a rough few weeks. They walked away from their touring company. Derek watches these dances so intently. He thinks they need a big move to grab the attention.

Don’t care for their outfits, honestly. Love how they start with her holding him…very different. Their transitions are beautiful. That one armed lift is amazing. As is the mid air roll. Damn, that whole thing was pretty amazing.

Derek says their rawness/realness/strength…all was sensational. Jennifer says the sharpness was amazing. Derek wants to know what it means. Ne-Yo points out that some of their moves were ridiculously difficult, extra difficult to do them slowly, it was effortless. Jennifer loved the bench press of her. Derek says they got him. Jennifer says it was visceral, passionate.

Scores: 94, 95, 95 for an average of 94.7 – and they are currently on top by a good margin. Four points to be exact. I think they can hold on with that. Maybe.

This bit on Derek and his coaching is amazing..and so very Derek. 🙂

All Ready are up next…love these girls. So different. Working with capes….a Derek speciality.

Their outfits, their look is fire. Awesome. I’m fairly speechless, this routine was so hard core. Total Paso Doble mixed with some hip hop. Just excellent.

Ne-Yo loved the energy, really impressed. He wanted more attack at the energy part. Jennifer disagrees with Ne-Yo and says it was super strong, and very gangster. Very swaggy. Says they are two great dancers. Derek says he loves them because they are innovative and the lines are blurred. But the music got bigger than the dancing at one point but he loved it.

Scores: 92, 92, 92 for an average of…92 which puts them in second place. Now, people start getting cut after every dance.

Briar Nolet is up next…she won redemption in the duels, but she is a very good dancer…I suspect she knocks out Jonathan Y Jorge. Derek is giving her some hard core advice about her ending of her dance. She needs to show herself.

She’s a beautiful girl but the outfit is a bit weird. Of course with the lighting it actually works. A little too gymnastic routine at the start. it improves toward the end and the difficulty increases. I think she took Derek’s advice…she went right for Jennifers gut at the end. I think it worked. didn’t work on me, but you know my issues with contemporary dancers.

Jennifer says she brought tears to her eyes just by looking at her (Thanks Derek). Says it was dynamic and powerful. Derek thanks god for redemption. He says she came back stronger. Ne-Yo says her emotional connection is night and day, she’s amazing. Derek notes that she took his advice and Jennifer says it worked. Ne-Yo points out some amazing moves and Ne-Yo says she might be the whole package.

Scores: 93, 96, 97 for an average of 95.3. With that she moves into first place and knocks out Jonathan Y Jorge. That makes me sad…I love them. Since there are only two acts left, Briar is guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Interesting note: in the reader votes on this site, Briar Nolet ended up in first place in this division. There are two more acts to dance, but since she’s moving on to the next round, the readers weren’t too far off.

D’Angelo Brothers are up next. Derek looks intrigued by this dance…he likes the sibling thing. He wants to clarify their emotion a bit.

Wearing leather jackets…I like it. Thisis actually pretty effective. I just don’t know if it’s going to work compared to what appear to be more passionate dances. But then this is constructed to be very passionate. It’s like they are fighting. I liked it.

Jennifer says they are one of the best tap acts ever the show. Derek liked that there was space in the music and they went one at a time. Ne-Yo says it was technically challenging, but it was messy and over complicated. Jennifer is disagreeing with Ne-Yo, and she actually got goosies. Says it was a very strong routine for them. I think they won’t make it. Ne-Yo will low ball.

Scores: 93, 92, 90 (Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Yo – called that one) for an average of 91.7…they fall short by 0.3 points, which means All Ready is safe and Derion and Madison are guaranteed a spot in the next round.

I’m honestly going to be pissed if Poppin’ John knocks out All Ready. He has a sweet story though with his wife. And that’s the deal with the heart balloon. He certainly has to step it up to advance.

The effect with the balloon is actually cooler than I thought it would be. He’s really working it. Oh, he shouldn’t have popped it, IMO. It became less interesting after that, but the emotion will certainly work on Jennifer. And Derek too, for that matter.

Derek is “how is popping making me tear up?” Ne-Yo says it usually lacks emotion – that he added emotion was great. Jennifer says he made the all feel it. She says it worked well, he’s sick. Derek says the vulnerability was real and spot on.

Scores: 95, 95, 95 for an average of 95. He’s on to the next round, taking second place and knocking out All ready. This is devastating to me – they are so fantastic and so different. Poppin” John though – I have to give it to him, that was a damn good dance.

If you’re paying attention, our readers were off by one – they said that All Ready would make it and that Poppin’ John would not. Ah well.

Jenna is back to mentor the junior teams. Yay!!

VPeepz are up first!! I love all the blue shirts and then one guy has a red shirt. Effective. Excellent start. Very clean. There’s really not much to say, that was so cool and so clean and so excellent. The fact that they’re all legit in tears at the end tells you how amazing that routine was.

And that’s what Jennifer says. Derek says that was amazing. Jennifer says they smashed it. Ne-Yo says it was amazing. Jennifer points out how effective the red shirt was. Judges are basically raving.

Scores: 98, 98, 100 (Derek, Jennifer, Ne-Y0) for an average of 98.7. First place and there to stay, I would guess. Well deserved.

Next up, Electro Crew. Jenna showing them a bit of love. Advising the about the prop of the basketball – I think it’s a mistake unless they can seriously clean it up.

Did they just get edited, I think they did…not a good sign. We are running short on time. Judges comments are also abbreviated. All the judges have some criticism…pointing out some lack of control. Derek doesn’t even speak.

Scores: 91, 89, 90 (Ne-Yo, Derek, Jennifer) for an average of 90.

JDC is up next. And they’re all about girl power and fighting stereotypes.

And they get edited as well, I think. The show is moving so fast now that I can’t actually keep up. Yep, that was far shorter than any of the Upper dances.

Derek actually talks this time around. Jennifer says there is a disconnect. Ne-Yo also critiques it.

Scores: 92, 89, 93 for an average of 91.3 which moves them into second place. Since the last two acts were edited, I suspect that those teams are going to last. Considering that Crazy 8s are coming up, it’s a sure bet that one of them is leaving for sure.

Crazy 8’s up next!! My favorites. They are making this routine all about Nyah and her growth. Jenna says the end is disjointed and would like to see them together at the end. Good advice, IMO. BTW, Jenna is wearing some killer shoes.

Little cuties in cute little costumes. Great opening. Love these little munchkins, but I don’t know if this routine was as impactful as some of their others. Still excellent, but not as good as their last routine.

Judges are raving, Derek says they’re amazing. He point’s out that there is more choreography, but wishes there was more in some of the transitions. Jennifer agrees, says they can do anything. Ne-Yo says the flexibility and control…they are monsters. He says fantastic, quality work.

Scores: 91, 93, 93 for an average of 92.3 which puts them into second place, knocking out Electro Crew.

Get Down District is up next. They are the underdogs for sure… they are edited, we don’t see the whole routine and we definitely don’t see all the judges comments. Derek says too elementary.

Scores: 89, 88, 89 (Ne-Yo, Derek, Jennifer) for an average of 88.7 and they don’t make it. This means that VPeepz and the Crazy 8s are guaranteed spots in the next round.

Dancetown Divas are up next – and I love them. I’m rooting for them. They are bringing vogueing into the routine and Jenna suggests that they end with it.

Let’s go, girls!! Derek is voguing. 🙂 Awesome start if a little messy. They clean it up real fast. Love the bit where half of them are on their knees. Routine seemed a bit short.

Ne-Yo thanks them for looking the part. Jennifer says that they incorporated all different styles, made it really interesting. Jennifer says they dance beautifully. She loved it. Derek says the partner work was great, the choreography was great. Great job. Ne-Yo says the white gloves make them stand out…shows a lack of synchronicity. He’s right. Hate it.

Scores: 92, 93, 95 (Jennifer, Ne-Yo, Derek) for an average of 93.3 which moves them into second place, knocking out JDC. Sad for JDC but very happy for Dancetown Divas. All those girls crying makes me sad.

Well I’m very happy with the acts in the Junior Team Division. Actually not too sad about the Upper Division either. Readers almost called it on this one as well, although they said it would be Crazy 8s, VPeepz and JDC…not Dancetown Divas.