World of Dance Season 3, Week 8 – Who is the Winner of the Upper Division?? (VOTE!!)

This past week, you may recall, we saw all the remaining Upper Division Dancers and all the remaining Junior Team Division dancers. Let’s talk about the Upper Division. In a bit of a shocking (to me, anyway) development, Poppin’ John makes it through the Cut and All Ready don’t. Bums me out as I loved All Ready, but I have to give Poppin’ John credit – he got really creative with his routine and it was very well done. Then there is Briar Nolet – she was only in the Cut due to winning in the redemption round – but she’s on a streak. She’s killing it. She was also the winner of our poll that asked who are the top three from the Upper Division (post-duels). I’ll be curious to see if she wins once again. But first, let’s take a look back and the three remaining Upper Division contestants. Here’s how they scored:

Derion and Madison – 94.7
Poppin’ John – 95
Briar Nolet – 95.3

We’ll go from low score to high, which means our first dance is from Derion and Madison – after that dance it’s a bit hard to believe they ended in third place.

I’ll say it again, that opening move was brilliant. Next up, Poppin’ John doing all kinds of amazing things with a heart balloon.

Wow. Re-watching that one again makes me think he could be a contender!!

Finally, Briar Nolet, the high scorer of the Division…

Hmmm…I find myself looking at these dances differently upon rewatching them. Before rewatching them I would have said that Briar was rightfully on top but now I’m not so sure. I have to look at this two different ways – who one the NIGHT, and who’s got the best WoD body of work so far. Of course, WoD doesn’t take into account body of work (or they say they don’t), but I can’t (for example) give the whole shebang to Poppin’ John just because he had one dance that I think was brilliant. So…you get to vote in two polls. Who won the night and Who do you think should win the division based on their body of work.

I’m surprised by my own vote on this next one. 😉