World of Dance Season 3, Week 8 (The Cut) – Who Got Robbed?? (New Poll)

Okay, so we’ve discussed the winners of the Junior Team Division and the Upper Division, and voted who we think the real winner is, but who got eliminated last Sunday that just…shouldn’t have been eliminated?? To refresh your memory, these are the teams that didn’t make The Cut:

Upper Division
All Ready
D’Angelo Brothers
Jonathan y Jorge

I loved all three teams that were eliminated from the Upper Division, but honestly, All Ready were most intriguing to me. Love their latin vibe combined with some hip hop.

The problem is, I also really love tap. :::sigh:::

Dang. The thing that bugs me, even though I loved the three teams that won, is that there is serious training and skill that goes into ballroom and Tap. I kinda feel like, sometimes, these styles don’t get the credit they deserve. I get that contemporary and popping are also difficult, to a degree, but they seem to get preferential treatment on this show – even from Derek, at times, because as an award winning latin dancer, he’s got a tendency to be tougher on the latin dancers. And he’s a tapper too. For that matter, he does killer contemporary…so why does he seem to favor it? Because it gives him all the feels like it does JLo?? 🙂 Anyway, Jonathan y Jorge are up next.

Everything I said, above? Holds true here as well. Ah well. I think I’m voting for All Ready as “robbed” from the Upper Division – I think I could replace anyone from the top three except Derion and Madison. How about you?

Junior Team Division
Elektro Crew
Get Down District

Hmm…at first glance, I don’t think any of these three were robbed. Let’s rewatch their dances. Elektro Crew – I really like them, but I can’t point to any of the three winners (Dancetown Divas, Crazy 8s, VPeepz) and say that Elektro Crew should be there instead. That is, after all, the definition of being robbed, in this case.

Get Down District – note here that WoD lists this as a “full performance” when it’s clearly not.

They were fun, but I think they need more seasoning. Next up, JDC…

Again, not a full routine although it is labeled as such. WoD is doing much better this year, in this respect, but they’re never going to get Emmy Awards if they keep chopping dances up. Anyway, what we see of this routine appears to be at a lower level than the three winners. They should all try again next year after they find better choreography and practice like crazy.

So, was anyone from the Junior Team Division robbed?? I don’t think so, but what do you think??