World of Dance Season 3, Week 9 – Who is the Winner of the Upper Team Division?? (VOTE!!)

Well, what do you think? I think, based on the way the show was cut the other night, that there is at least one group that has no shot in the divisional final – and that makes me sad. This seems like a clear cut race between the top two groups, unless WOD is playing some games. Let’s review the dances and then you can pick who you think is going to win the division.

The Heima – 97.7 and the top spot of the night. Rightfully so, although I love all three teams quite a bit. I think this routine was genius, using their hands as masks instead of the usual masks, showing that they’re going to reveal themselves to the audience…and some of the moves!! That rocker move? The transition to slow motion in the middle?? Genius.

The Kings, also with a 97.7. Seriously, a transformer?? That was KILLER. I saw a few people on twitter saying this routine wasn’t really dance (and that it would have been better on AGT) – dance is highly subjective, and if a world class dancer like Derek says it’s dance, it’s dance. 🙂 And it was amazing.

Unity LA – 93.3. The video below is the entire dance uncut – which makes a HUGE difference. I was almost at the point of thinking that Radiance should have gotten through over them, in spite of Unity LA being one of my favorites since day one. No more, upon seeing the full dance! I’ve been talking about this issue for three seasons now (and I notice that others are *finally* on the same band wagon), and I have to give WoD props for getting a two hour show which allowed them to greatly reduce the number of dances they cut for time. They do a huge disservice to a group like Unity, who have been nothing short of fantastic all season long. Hell, they do a disservice to everyone who makes the show – after all, the vast majority are fantastic going in. This particular cut is a mystery to me. Typically, they cut dances where the dancer/team of dancers don’t make it through to the next round. That’s somewhat fair (although unlikely to garner any Emmy nominations for the show from an academy where dancers and choreographers are doing the voting). But this one I don’t understand. Are they implying that Unity just doesn’t stand a chance against the other two teams and therefore just cut them?? Why not cut one of the eliminated teams? This is nonsensical – it’s like they’re giving away the ending ahead of time. I guess we’ll see from the voting if that matters or not. Maybe The Heima and The Kings are just that far ahead.

So, what do you think?? Who had the best Dance of Week 9?

Who should win the division based on their body of work??

Also, what do you think of the decision to edit down Unity LA’s performance?? Was it total crap?? And what does it mean??