World of Dance Season 3, Week 10 – Did the Right Team Win the Junior Team Division?? (Vote)

Okay, so the battle was between the VPeepz, the Crazy 8s and the Dancetown Divas and the VPeepz came out on top. So, did the right team win the Division?? Refresh your memory on the dances, and then vote, below.

First up, the Crazy 8s. I always talk about all the teams/dancers during the live blog, but these posts are about me re-watching and determining if my opinion has changed after sleeping on it. In the case of the Crazy 8s, my opinion really hasn’t. I love the little nuggets, but to be truly great contemporary dancers, there needs to be some life experience – for that they hung a lot on Naya, but that was necessary. I get that. But these little ones are amazing dancers and I think in three years or so they will be unstoppable.

Next up, Dancetown Divas. This was an excellent routine. Truly stellar. I love a big group of girls doing ballroom because “we don’t need boys to do ballroom.” Amen, sister. Unfortunately there were a couple of tiny mistakes which looked a bit glaring because of the size of the group. If one girl is off, it’s noticeable. But I loved everything about this routine, from start to finish.

Finally, VPeepz. I loved this routine. It was so clean and sharp and it was entertaining!!

So, I know ya’ll voted for your favorite in each division last week. But, honestly, did the right team win the division?? Or was someone robbed?? Forget about last week for a minute and tell me, based on last night – did the right team win?? Personally, as much as I love Crazy 8s and Dancetown Divas, I think the right team won.