World of Dance Season 3, Week 10 – Did the Right Dancers Win the Upper Division?? (Vote)

IMO, the Upper Division is a tricky one. Not a lot of repetitive acts, everyone seems extremely talented, I liked all the dances. I don’t envy the judges on this show!! As a reminder, your competitors are Poppin’ John, Briar Nolet and Derion and Madison.

:::sigh::: I really loved Derion and Madison. A lot. But Briar, IMO, just killed it last night. And then I saw a bunch of people on twitter screaming about how Briar just does gymnastics and Poppin’ John should have won. That sounds like John’s fanbase, because what about Derion and Madison?? And I would be the first one to call out a gymnastics only routine – and I don’t think Briar was it. There is such a thing as acro and she was amazing! Remember, I’m the harshest contemporary critic around and I think she nailed it. Let’s watch the dances again.

Derion and Madison took third place with the following routine…

Seriously, this routine was brilliant right up until the last ten seconds or so. Still totally bummed out for them. Poppin’ John next…

As I said, I saw a few people complaining on twitter about how Briar didn’t dance and Poppin’ John was so much better. Er, dancing is in the eye of the beholder. I thought Poppin’ John did a great job, but if I were judging based on my preferred style, John didn’t dance at all and shouldn’t even have been there. I mean, hello?? Latin and ballroom is far more dancing in my opinion. But WoD (along with SYTYCD before it) has made me appreciate all the different style of DANCE out there. In this case, I think that Briar and Derion/Madison both outdanced Poppin’ John. That’s just my opinion.

A lot of dancing is the pictures you make, and no one tops the pictures that Briar makes in this routine. The box lighting, the costume, the DANCING, were all first rate. Did she have some gymnastic type moves? Sure. But Poppin’ John’s dance wasn’t as technically difficult and Derion and Madison had that tragic mistake at the end. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Anyone know the choreographer on this one?

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Was Briar the winner or did one of the other dancers get hosed?? Based just on last night’s routines, did the right person go through??