World of Dance, Season 4 – Week Two Live Blog

I’m back!  Sorry I wasn’t around last week – my day job was a bear.  I hope everyone will join in with me tonight – I know it will be a bright spot in my day. It’s been a rough few days – I will let our judges speak for me, as they can say it so much better. Live blog beginning below in T-minus 25 minutes.

Here’s one of the teams that is going to be on tonight, according to…them. 🙂

Derek lookin’ fine. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point that out. 🙂

The Rise up first – a hip hop crew from Arizona with that super talented hip hopper from last season – I remember him, but can’t remember the crew name…

I’m loving the bit where the dancers come through the doors and see the judges. That adds a fun element and it’s fun to see if they’ll do well under sudden pressure.

Loved that first combination they did right out of the gate. I’m not sure if we’re seeing anything new here in Season 4. Bad fall right there at the end.

Jennifer loves it (yet she picks on a flawless ballroom pair). Derek thinks they did a great job and he liked the beginning roll out as well. Ne-Yo also likes it, but says the in between parts were slow. Derek agrees.

Ne-Yo: Call Back

Jennifer: Yes

Derek: on the fence – Call Back

And it still bugs that WoD puts a commercial after nearly every act. Seriously?

Derek is a comedian, I swear. Next up is an all girl group – Oxygen. They’re from the Netherlands – hip hop contemporary fusion.

Wow…amazing start. Beautiful. Beautiful pictures. It seems like there is a million of them. This seems like something different from what I’ve seen before. That was excellent!!

They get a standing O from the judges. Derek is raving – this is totally his thing.

JLo says she tried it and couldn’t get her dancers to be that clean. Ne-Yo wants to know how long it takes to get something like that.

Of course they get three yeses. They might be my team to watch. 🙂

Indigenous Enterprise up next – from Arizona. About time they had an indigenous dancer(s) on here. They’re going to do Native American dancing.

I don’t know what to make of the Native American dancing. Kinda cool.

All the judges seem happy with it, Derek is by far the most eloquent. Derek does point out that from a competition standpoint that it’s not there – Ne-Yo agrees. I agree too, it was really cool, but the skill level wasn’t up there with other competitors.

James and Harris – contemporary duo coming up!! Been dancing together since they were practically babies. In my mind they are still babies, but they’re funny. 🙂

They shook over seeing the judges.

Like the song. Interesting choice for contemporary. They’re good, I like them, but you all know how I feel about contemporary – so over done. But this is different, and that’s all I ask for, really. They’re “just dudes”. 🙂

Jo thinks they were a bit nervous but then they got into it. Ne-Yo explains the shock of seeing the judges. Jennifer thinks they have that. Derek comments on the musicality and how they might have missed a moment, and that it wasn’t as clean as it could have been.

Jennifer: Yes
Derek: Call Back
Ne-Yo: Emotion felt real, but the nerves got you in the beginning. He ends up on “Yes” – after all that he doesn’t even go with Call Back? Ookayyy.

So, they go through. Just when I think they’ll get tougher on contemporary dancers – who, IMO, have it the easiest of all styles.

305 up next – they danced with JLo in the Super Bowl. Looks like a Salsa group? Juniors?? And they all talk with one voice. 🙂

I think they’re quite excellent – very in sync, love the music choice. And they were edited too much!!

Derek wants to rent the pants. 🙂 Jennifer likes the tricks. Derek talks about missed opportunities – yeah, the replay shows he’s right. Ne-Yo talks about them showing a mess up on their faces.

Ne-Yo: Call Back
Derek: Call Back
Jennifer: Call Back

They have another shot!!

Yah!! More Ballroom. A couple from Italy (my favorite place to visit!) – Luca and Alssandra. They’ve been dancing together for 26 years!!

I love a hot Tango. At the risk of sounding like Bruno – quick, slow, quick, slow. Very well done. and some of their tricks are great. I also think I’ve seen better from Derek. Although this was very good.

Derek – telling about JLo’s dialogue.
Jennifer – I love the connection, the passion. Great performers.
They say they’ve never done AT before, he’s (Derek) very excited. He also killed AT the first time he tried it. 🙂

Derek – yes
Jennifer – yes
Ne-Yo – yes.

Upeepz from the Philippines are up next. Once is a civil engineer, another in IT – wow, hard core day jobs. They all get very excited to see the judges. They’re the coaches of Vpeeps from last season.

Immediately, I see these guys are a lot higher than the guys from earlier in the show. Ne-Yo yelling “clean” and h’es right. LOVED the ending. Slick.

Derek says they created an expectation and they lived up to it. Jennifer says some things fell flat, they’re not above Vpeeps. Ne-Yo needed more energy (in the choreography) – Derek says they see so much of the tumbling pass that they need to be more creative. I would agree with all that.

Jennifer – call back
Derek – yes
Ne-Yo – Yes (I’m glad they made it through.)

Ne-Yo says there needs to be no question in the next round.

I do like that the judges are holding these groups (of which there have been MANY) to a higher standard now. It’s season four – we have seen a lot of these types of groups. Now, if Jennifer can just do it for the contemporary folks.

Oh boy, a contemporary pair. Hopefully they’re good. Great work ethic. Oooo…a ballet duo, to contemporary. We’ll see about that. Styles and Emma – he talks about his mom’s brain tumor. That’s rough. This is a great story, for sure.

Wow. It’s ballet all right. He is an exquisite dancer and she’s no slouch. That was wonderful.

The judges are just basically raving. Poetic is Derek’s word. They all say “absolute yes”. That makes me happy.

And that’s the show already!! Dang. Tune in to Hollywood Game Night on Sunday to see Derek and Ne-Yo. 🙂