World of Dance, Season 4 – Week THREE Live Blog

Week three already!! Let’s goooooooo!! T-minus 20 minutes…

That Derek/JLo “You Can Really Dance” video still cracks me up. πŸ™‚

And I love Derek and Ne-Yo’s chemistry.

First up is Keagan – 13 years old from Oklahoma! And of course she’s a contemporary dancer. What are they teaching kids these days if other kids don’t know where Oklahoma is?

Boy, she’s extremely bendy…JLo will likely rave but I’m not feeling that much from her other than gymnastics. She’s alright…very bendy.

Ne-Yo wants to know when she learned to be bendy. Derek thinks she’s non-Gumby like. πŸ™‚ Derek apparently called her an alien. πŸ™‚ JLo says it’s about the story and says they didn’t see all of it, but of course she thinks there’s more there.

Of course they all say yes. I just want to see more from contemporary – it all looks the same anymore.

Oh, yes, I want to see Derek be bendy. Yes please.

You know, this season really isn’t all that different, since they go straight to the duels after this round. Only difference is that there is no audience and they’re in a warehouse (a very upscale warehouse). I’m sure all the dancers had to make it through a couple rounds of producers prior to this round, so…no difference.

Little Salsa babies?? Wheee! Antonio and Maria – they’re 11 and 13. And they get severely edited, which bugs the hell out of me. Derek thinks they haven’t clicked yet. Ne-Yo says they need more maturity. Both men give them no’s. And they go home. πŸ™

Next dapper tappers from the Netherlands. Avant Garde – apparently they all have their own, different style. Heavily edited and I can’t tell if I like it or not. Ne-Yo is a yes, Jennifer is a no, and Derek says “call backs”.

Next is Chibi Unity – a fusion group from Japan…and they go crazy to see the judges. πŸ™‚

They didn’t expect the judges and they are really excited – per their interpreter.

I love this damn song. I dig the head nods. They seem to be a fusion of contemporary and hip hop. I think I like it. Not as clean as some groups, but I like them. I say call backs.

Jennifer says the choreography was a stand out. Derek felt the emotion, but the big set up in the middle didn’t pay off. I would agree. Ne-Yo says it started a little slow (disagree), but once the energy picked up he was thoroughly impressed.

Ne-Yo – Yes
Derek – Yes

They either edited Jennifer out or she didn’t vote since the two men put the group through. Ne-Yo tells them to take the notes.

Derek and Ne-Yo are the ultimate partners. πŸ™‚

Josh and Erica are an Urban Dance duo. Erica was on last season and didn’t make it through because she lacked chemistry. So now she has a new partner that she’s also dating, so of course they have chemistry. Yeah, you might think that, but it’s not always true. Good luck!

Not a fan of the outfits. Shallow, I know. Derek recognizes Erica – I’m sure it has nothing to do with how much she looks like his girlfriend.

Someone tell me the difference between “urban” and “hip hop”? This is slower, but it looks like contemporary fused with hip hop. He seems sharper than she is. Yeah, making that face don’t make you “urban” dude.

JLo says they have “amazing” chemistry, they have some great moves and they’re extremely powerful.

Ne-Yo says they’re quality dances, but everyone here is quality dancers. There needs to be something more. He hit so hard that it softened her – absolutely agree.

Derek says they have a lot of tools, but they need to utilize all the tools they have and they could have even a better formula.

Ne-Yo says call backs.
Jennifer says yes (of course).
Derek says yes as well. I’m with Ne-Yo on this one. They were good, but I’m still waiting to be blown away.

So…next up is…the Break Ninjas! I like their rules. πŸ™‚ Work hard, have fun and…I forgot the third one. They’re cute. Little dudes are so cute. Ten years old.

I didn’t know Jennifer is from the Bronx. :::smirk:::

Hand stans into some serious break dancing. Pretty tight. Nice leap.This is pretty fun. A little sloppy during babalu’s solo. So cute, though. Severely edited this dance as well. This one of the things that seriously bugs about this show.

Jennifer and Ne-Yo are somewhat raving. Derek throws a bit of cold water on it.

Derek and Ne-Yo say no – suggest that they come back next year. They do need work, but so cute.

Next up: a group that’s been here twice before and haven’t made it. First time they’ve made it to this stage. Canadians under the name of the Young Cast. they are pretty tight. Great in sync. Like their lines and their diagonals. That second diagonal, a couple of the guys got out of line to do something else. Made it seem sloppy.

Jennifer questions if they can compete, wonders if they can do more than formations. The other two judges agree. Ne-Yo wants more stacatto. Jennifer would like more dancing, less pictures, more groove and more musicality.

Derek says Yes.
Jennifer says Call Back, and Ne-Yo agrees.

Kinda weird how their comments don’t seem to mimic their decision.

The Judges getting a group photo taken – Derek is hot, as usual. πŸ™‚

MDC3 is up next – a contemporary trio (interesting). One of the mom’s had breast cancer and they talk about how hard it was. She beat it, but then got it again. I can’t imagine. The kids try to be positive around her.

Wow nice lift in rehearsal. They’ve been dancing together for 7 years as a trio – that’s amazing and unusual.

Oooo..complicated first hold. This is different. I like it. Great lifts. And different ones with a trio. And that last bit was amazing.

Jennifer says it was very clear to her, all three are super strong. Derek loves the transitions, how connected and different they are. Ne-Yo felt it.

Jennifer says yes.
Derek says yes.
Ne-Yo doesn’t say a word or they edit it out for time since they only need two.

Best contemporary act so far this season. Because it’s different – they showed me different lifts and combinations/transitions from what I’ve seen before. Thank god. Contemporary is getting so overdone, as is hip hop at times. That’s the curse of a show like this one.

Show Stoppers from Miami are up next with Jazz/Funk. This looks like it could be interesting. Outfits are kinda different. I like the all women teams – I root for them.

Great tribute to JLo and her representing of Latinas. They’re off to a great start. the fact that there are a ton of them is working for them. Great sync.Sexier than the male groups, in my opinion. they got some Salsa in there as well. It’s slowing down a bit in the middle towards the end.

Jennifer says they need to hit it harder, and thinks it might be because of their outfits. Says they have to feel the emotion. They have the passion but they have to get the skill up there. Ne-Yo agrees. He adds that the name sets them up. Derek says the choreography was kind of one-note (not his words).

Ne-Yo says he’s on the fence, says Call Back.
Derek also says call back, and Jennifer agrees.

Well, that’s the show. Thoughts? I was only truly impressed by the contemporary trio, MDC3, but I also liked the Show Stoppers, although I understand the judges comments. Everyone else was just okay – and since they eliminated quite a few this episode that’s to be expected. Hopefully it will build next week!