World of Dance, Season 4 – Week FOUR Live Blog

Week 4 already!! T-minus 30 minutes till showtime. Let’s hope that the talent is higher quality this week. I saw lots of commentary that the dancing wasn’t up to par last week – I tend to agree, but every season has a week like that. Hopefully, last week was the only week. πŸ™‚

It’s time….love that lead in with the very handsome Derek. πŸ™‚ Final batch of dancers in the qualifiers.

Up first is Geometri Variable – I posted their video earlier in the week. They are amazing. And they’re funny too. πŸ™‚

I found them mesmerizing and exhausting in a good way. I love French.

They just hit all the beats perfectly.

Jennifer says it looks tiring – true. Lots of energy into every moved. Funny watching JLo and NeYo trying to do it – I have no doubt Derek can do it because I’ve seen him do similar, live. πŸ™‚

Ne-Yo says the geometry is really prominent. JLo says the song comes through in the movement. Derek says we’ve seen moments of this before but not an entire routine of it. All three judges give them a yes. Ne-Yo wants to see how much more they can do with it. I agree, that will be interesting.

:::sigh::: Derek. Goodness.

Two crews of little boys have joined up into the Gigabots!! Funkinometry and…can’t remember the other one. They’re doing street dance, but in bow ties and suspenders? Ooookay. πŸ™‚

Okay I believe it. Like the hats. In sync, but not overly so to the point that it removes the “street”. Don’t know hot the judges will feel about that. Oh! Really liked the ending.

Derek loves the kids face, Ne-Yo likes the contrast. JLo says they were a standout last year, not sure how strong the fusion is. She says no.

Ne-Yo says call back.
Derek says no.

In the end, I think the judges were probably right. You could see they weren’t polished enough for this season. Definitely entertaining though.

Maddy Penny…thought they said Money Penny at first. πŸ™‚ She’s a beautiful girl who dances ballet. We’ll see if she’s putting a ballet label on contemporary dance.

Contemporary in toe shoes, actually. But her pointe is beautiful. Ha, even JLo says “contemporary ballet”. She does get more balletic toward the end, before she rolls on the floor.

Jennifer: points out mix of contemporary, and she thinks it’s great. Ballerina’s are more “reserved” and contemporary is the exact opposite – and she wants to see that.

Ne-Yo says technique is not the problem. But says she’s all technique and not enough emotional. Derek agrees and says it felt safe to him. Safe emotionally.

Derek: No
Ne-Yo: Call back
Jennifer: Yes

Will Ne-Yo cave to Jennifer?? They pretend to think about it. And of course Ne-Yo caves to Jen, because who doesn’t.

I’m with Derek on this one. I’m so TIRED of contemporary dancers – they all look and do the exact same things. She just put a ballet label on the same old thing. Very good dancer….but lots of people are.

This I loved…

Talking about Derek in Vegas. Ne-Yo was there, impressed as hell he pulled it off injured. Me too.

This next group is SHOOK to see the judges. They’re from Argentina. Oh this is the group who’s friend broke his knee. They’re making me cry…. CBACTION is their name. An upper group. Poor guy with a broken knee. Man, I hope they pull it off.

Derek can relate. So far so good. this is very cheeky. That ‘s the best word for it…not sure what this style falls into actually. But I’m really digging it. Hope the judges put them through. That was super cute!!

Derek loved the change from the emotion to the fun.

Jennifer thinks it felt good.
Derek didn’t like the song, but what they did to it made him love it. Ne-Yo seems to agree.

Dang they’re all crying. Jennifer says she’s sorry.

Jennifer says these are the best dancers in the world. Derek says it’s not about not liking it, but will it wow america.

Ne-Yo: call back
Derek: call back
Jennifer: call back

I’m so happy they get another shot.

Derek and Ne-Yo just make me laugh so hard. Crazy.

Happy, smiley girls. πŸ™‚ Who love JLo and want to hug her. Derek and Ne-Yo again cracking me up. These girls are “The Difference” – they get a call back. Maybe we’ll see more of them at that time.

Next group is Itty Bitty Crew – they say next year.

Then it’s a solo guy, Amari Smith – Jennifer seems to think he has all the right ingredients. They say no.

Pumpfidence – hot girl group who aren’t ready for World of Dance, but Ne-Yo caves to JLO again and they get a call back.

They seem to be building up to this girl group in all pastels….

But first a little guy dances with Ne-Yo but gets a “no”.

And now it’s the pastel group. They all love Derek. Project 12. After all that build up, they get heavily edited but not as bad as their predecessors. I kinda like them. the pastels belie the attitude. Quite interesting.

Derek says they’re strong, and intentional.
Ne-Yo likes the contrast, while Jennifer likes them, but the choreography could have been better.

The two men give them call backs. And thus endeth the obligatory fast forward through several groups/dancers who likely won’t make it past the duels if they make it past the call backs. πŸ™‚ Commercial time once again. But first…

These boys pee more than anyone else. πŸ™‚

Curtis Sprung is going to do contemporary. :::sigh::: You better bring it, dude. He is handsome, I’ll give you that. πŸ™‚ Of course you were bullied, people are awful – thanks to their parents. Talk to Derek, man. If he can put that emotion in his dance, he’ll be fine.

Nice bod! Love that he’s not waxed beyond belief. Jennifer is fine seeing him without his shirt.

Right there, more balled than Maddy. πŸ™‚ That slow flip was nice. He’s very good, but I’m not totally sold just yet. But that’s my bias against contemporary.

Derek loves that he’s unique and awkward in a positive way, fighting against momentum. Derek notes his Cirqu background, but there were other moments where he wanted to be more drawn in. (Agreed).

Jennifer says he’s cutting himself short in some of the moments, he’s clearly strong.

Ne-Yo agrees with Jennifer – he could tell that Curtis could feel it, but everyone needs to feel it.

These are really good notes, actually.

Ne-Yo says yes.
Jennifer says Call Back
Derek says….commercial break. Urg. I thought we were past this, WoD.

Derek says is on the fence but he ends up going with Yes. I’m happy for Curtis – he’s not that typical. I hope he really pulls it out in the call backs.

Call Backs up next!! Derek looking fine. Again. By my watch, however, we’re out of time. Ten acts, but only four slots. Bummer.

First up, The Rise. This is the group where the guy fell at the end. They’re getting a lot of play right here. That might be a good sign. I love the kid with the white hair. πŸ™‚ He’s got charisma.

And that’s the show. I assume we will pick up with them next week. Did I just see Derek dancing in a tux. Dang, that means I have to turn in friday for the exclusive content. πŸ™‚

So, thoughts? Did anyone ballroom go through? I guess I should do a round up of who’s made it so far.