World of Dance, Season 4 – Week FIVE Live Blog

Can’t believe it’s week 5 already. Tonight is the call backs and only four teams are making it to the duels. I have no favorites, as I recall, in the call back group. That’s the problem of course – there’s not been anyone memorable yet this season. I hope the duels punch up the competition.

I also don’t think that this season is that markedly different from the previous ones – the qualifiers are the same as always, they just happen earlier in the dancers minds because they’re expecting producers, not the judges. It does sound like the duels have serious potential – if the judges are deciding the dance battles, then the contestants can’t pick who they perceive to be the weakest to try to eliminate them. But the judges need to not fall into the same trap – match them well and make them true battles. I guess we will see…

T-minus 29 minutes.

Damn, AGT – make me cry EVERY week.

Here we go – impress me people!! By the way, Love Jennifer’s hair and outfit.

The Rise is up first with my favorite white haired guy. 🙂 I haven’t kept track of how many acts are in each division – if I had I could probably predict what was going to happen.

They’re off to a great start. Derek just made a “mistake” face. They’re a tiny bit sloppy, but I love them.

Jennifer says it was compelling and she was impressed. Derek and Ne-Yo said they did better. And Ne-Yo loves my guy too. 🙂 He does bring the energy and he has some kind of crazy charisma. And he’s just so cute. They do comment that there’s still some need for a pop here and there. They are a sharp looking group. And the judges did say they nailed it. I’m rooting for them.

Project 21 ain’t going to cut it, they got the short edit and little discussion. Props were always bad on DWTS, but apparently they did okay. Even if they do make it through here, they’ll lose the duels.

Avante Gard is up next…did the outfits. Also get the short edit. Yeah I remember this group – I like they for how different they are. Different music choices, different movements.

Jennifer says much better than last time – the whole routine made sense. Derek says the dancing wasn’t as strong this time. Ne-Yo is with Derek. They went too far in one way. They lost two judges and only gained Jennifer.

CBACTION is up next. These are the guys who had an injury right before dancing. They’ve adjusted more to being short a guy. Hopefully tightened it up.

They are getting a very short edit as well. So short I can’t really comment. Derek says there are still moments lacking impact. Ne-Yo liked it better, said they were quality dancers. Jennifer thinks they’re good, strong dancers, but she’s still not sure.

Next up, another girl group, The Difference. Highly edited again, but I”m liking what I see, seems tight.

Jennifer says they have heart and were better than last time. Ne-Yo likes the story. Derek still needs more but he loves them as dancers.

Man, they are zooming through the dancers and it’s not even 20 after the hour.

GRVMNT is up next…do I remember them from the first time around?? They’re cute, but I don’t remember.  They’re getting a longer edit, much more discussion before they dance.

Very tight. Nice sync. Good energy. Derek is moving in a positive way. 🙂 Yah, they’re killing it. Just the tightest group of the night. And the bridge was great. Well done. Loved the ending as well.

Jennifer says bring that EVERY time. Much better. They still have a ways to go, she says. They killed it.  Derek loved the transitions (agreed). Ne-Yo points out the youngest dude – that’s the energy they need. Jennifer says whoever comes up front is whoever is killing it the most.

Pumpfidence is up next – they got highly edited in the first round, I don’t expect this one to be much better.  There’s just not much to this in terms of actual dancing. Their sync wasn’t that great.

Jennifer says the choreography was better than last time. Derek says there were times they weren’t together, but better than the first time. Ne-Yo says that they have a long way to go, but better than the first time.  Jennifer makes the comment about them needing to be able to compete with everyone else.  I agree.

Derek is too funny. They all are, actually. This show has given me a whole new appreciation for Jennifer and she needs to thank Derek and Ne-Yo. 🙂

“Stars are meant to shine, Derek” LOL

Show Stoppers up next! That’s yellow. Wow, sharp. I like that they’re all women doing this style of dance.. Slight misalignment there, but the sync is good. Not sure there were enough wow moments

Jennifer and Ne-Yo say they are a lot stronger. Jennifer says they need more surprises. Derek says they started strong, but by the end they had stayed in the same zone.

Latin dancers 305 are up next.  Are there any ballroom/latin acts on the show this year? Not many.

Go Derek, go! 🙂 That’s a whole lot of dancers. That they dance so well as a team is amazing. Dang, this is fast. Good shapes, good overall dancing. I feel like there might be too many of them.

Derek thought it was fun and the song was so hype. He’s on the fence. Jennifer says much better, could see the dancing better. Not sure they’re up to par the whole time. Ne-yo points out one girl and tells everyone else to match her level.

By my count, there is only one team left and they edited all but two or three, so this one ought to be good. Maybe?

Derek the little brother. 🙂 He is a photo bomber, for sure.

The Young Cast are up next. Junior team from Canada. They’ve been trying since season 2 – hope they make it.

Like the opening – like a flower. First actual lift of the night? Still a bit low energy but they sync is good and they’re pretty tight. And right when I say that they go double speed and it’s pretty effective. Ending similar to the beginning and that was good as well.

Jen has ninja vibes. All three judge say “much better”. Formation were beautiful, felt strong, clean connected – all by Jennifer. Ne-Yo loved the intro picture as well. Derek the downer says he doesn’t want to see the lift – they saw them set up. Needs to come out of nowhere as a surprise. But judges over all are very positive. I think they should make it.

Okay, I think they’ll pick The Rise, The Young Cast, GRVMNT and…..Show Stoppers?  Not sure about that last one, but that’s my guess right now.

They judges do a So You Think You Can Dance style elimination discussion.

Show Stoppers, Young Cast, The Difference all in the room together and only one of these three are going to make it.  And that makes me wrong with one guess. But I was right with The Young Cast!!

Next, Pumpfidence are in the room with Avante Gard Collective and both groups get eliminated.

Next to enter the room are The Rise and 305.  Jennifer says they’re not sure 305 are ready – same for The Rise. Hmmmm…

Both groups make it through!  305 is a surprise, but I’m very happy for them.

Only one spot left – CBACTION, Project 21 and GRVMNT are the last three standing. GRVMNT was on my list. And I was right!!

So the four groups making it through are:

The Rise
The Young Cast

I called three out of the four – not too bad. Next week the duels!! I’m looking forward to it – how about you??