World of Dance, Season 4 – Week Six Live Blog

The Duels!! I already suspect that I’m going to be mad before the end of the night. 🙂 We’ll see!!

T-minus 30 minutes!

Damn you, AGT….another week of crying at this dang show. The Spoken Word act that ended tonights AGT rivals Lin Manuel Miranda – I can give no higher compliment.

Apparently the big stage with the audience is the round AFTER the duels.

Twitch gets to pick who heads to redemption. I trust him more than Jennifer. 🙂 And maybe more than the other two as well. And apparently it’s the Upper Division going tonight. Not a fan of Jennifer’s outfit. Love Derek’s and Ne-yo’s though.

So two acts that get eliminated from each division will go to redemption, as selected by Twitch. And damn, our latin duos are going up agains each other first.

Alessandra and Luca VERSUS Jefferson and Adrianita

I think my money is on Alessandra and Luca, but we’ll see. I hate that we lose one of them.

Jefferson and Adrianita up first and they’re sharp and very fast. And death defying. I think I saw a little misstep. but dan they are tough. Wow, there was some scary stuff in there. That was really good.

Jennifer says that was pretty amazing. Jefferson stepped up his game. And she saw new tricks.

Ne-Yo says it was super clean and super strong. Quality work.

Derek says it was scorching. Twitch says that was amazing, but at the same time inviting and it felt good. Agree with Derek – I also never saw some of those moves before.

Luca and Alessandra up next. And they bring the intensity. And commercial.

Sharp, clean, like the change in tempo. Nice mix of latin steps. I dunno, I think I liked the first couple first.

Jennifer says they are two of the best. Living in the moment. All the winking. Really impressive.

Derek talks about how they ooze, and their feet/hip actions. He liked the opening. He does critique the last lift which I agree with. He says they have a lot of quality.

Ne-Yo says the music in their first routine was more sparse and he liked it. He didn’t get as much chance to enjoy.

Twitch liked their character and felt they were right up there with it. He liked the trust.

I think that Jefferson and Adrianita won that one but we’ll see.

Jennifer: Jefferson and Adrianita
Derek: Jefferson and Adrianita
Ne-Yo: Jefferson and Adrianita

Yep, I agree with that one, but I’m totally bummed that we are losing a great latin pair. That sucks.

Look at all those handsome male judges. 🙂

Next up is…The Rise VERSUS UPEEPZ. Oh this is a tough one. Gotta go with The Rise as they have my favorite guy. 🙂 The white haired guy, in case you haven’t been here before now. 🙂

And they attitude starts immediately. Love it. UPEEPZ going first and I love the concept. They are very tight and in sync. Dancing right at The Rise. They were killing it through the first three quarters and then it got a little…redundant?? Not sure what…but that was really excellent.

Derek says the intensity is great. Jennifer loved the concept as well (me too) and says they stepped it up (agreed). The trick accented the story. Really good job.

Ne-Yo says some of the tricks didn’t fall for him….he’s talking about the slower part that I noticed. But said the Rise is going to have to work for it.

Twitch says they needed more formations because they had dope visuals. Jennifer, let the man talk.

Derek also likes the concept, loved the highlights, loved the tricks…

Now for the Rise. After the commercial.

Wow, much tighter than their first dances. And they have their star up front. Not sure why they featured that other guy towards the end unless it was a diss…which it seems to be. But I think they got edited.

Derek asks about the heels. Ne-Yo puts his finger on the problem and that was the trick at the end. Too much effort.

Twitch says he’s not supposed to be getting hype. Incredible pockets, formations were exciting.

Derek says they were shot out of a cannon. Ne-Yo says it’s very close. Definitely stepped up from last time.

Jennifer says the intensity and passion is equal. She noticed the dropping of the shoes and said it needed better execution and says they did a great routine.

I can’t call this one, but I want the Rise. 🙂

Jennifer: UPEEPZ
Ne-Yo: The Rise
Derek: …..argh!!! Commercial. Come on, D, pick The Rise….

I didn’t realize until I saw on twitter – but yes, the scoring system they used the first three seasons is apparently out the window. I thought that just for the qualifiers that would be the case. Maybe they’ll bring it back for the Semi-finals. I hope so.

We’re back. And Derek chooses….the group who had the complete package. UPEEPZ. Ah man, they were great, but I will miss my young white haired guy. Maybe Twitch….

If I were Ne-o I would not go against Derek in push ups. 🙂

Next up is Kurtis Sprung versus Styles and Emma – another tough one. I’m leaning toward the ballet duo for being different and lovely. Contemporary needs to work really hard to get me, although Kurtis did impress me the first time around.

They are clearly friends with each other. Kurtis going first.

I like that odd flip he opened with. Nice leaps. The flip before he loses the shirt is also great. That was pretty good, but still not blown away.

Jennifer thought he was Elvis and she was one of those girls. Derek says he gave everything but there was too much space between the movements, but no denying he loves what he does. Ne-Yo says he’s telling his story his way but sometimes it’s hard to get people to feel what he’s feeling but he figured it out. Twitch says he invited everyone in beautifully. Jennifer says he caught air. She’s raving because she’s easy on contemporary. It’s pissed me off every season.

Now, time for Styles and Emma. After the commercial. 🙂

Nice opening pose. Lifts are effortless. This is contemporary, not ballet. Okay, there’s more ballet. Sync is beautiful. Whoa, why they edit these routines so badly????

Jennifer says they are elegance in motion, it’s tender, soft and connected. Agreed. She needed a couple more moments. Ne-Yo says he’s under dressed. Derek is raving…even the judges are being edited. Exceptional. Ne-Yo says he can see the effort – disagree! Twitch wants to see them move together more – disagree with that as well.

They get my vote. But now the judges.

Ne-Yo: Kurtis
Derek: Styles and Emma
Jennifer: Kurtis

Bad decision in my opinion. I like the dude and he’s a good dancer, but his style is seen every season with many of the same moves.

Scorecard: Who’s going to the Semi-Finals from the Upper Division
Jefferson and Adrianita
Kurtis Sprung

More duels next week!!