World of Dance, Season 4 – Week Seven Live Blog

The Duels Continue!! The previews look exciting, but how is it possible that tonight is the last of the duels? What are we missing? Did all the levels have duels?

T-minus 20 minutes!

So, when are they going back to their legit scoring system – the system that DWTS should have been doing for years?

Here we go.

Good advice from tWitch. Love JLo complimenting Derek’s outfit after he has insecurity about his shoe game.

Okay, they are wrapping up the UPPER division duels. Perhaps the ad was unclear. I was starting to wonder.

I don’t think they’ve been more difficult than previous seasons – I’m still not sure this season is up to par with previous.

First up: Jake/Chau versus Josh/Erica. Ten bucks says JLo picks the couple because she’s a sap. Contemporary – you’re going to have to be amazing to impress me.

Jake/Chau up first. Interesting start – different which I like. Very good. This is actually a stellar routine that is not relying on fake emotion/angst. Okay that was really good.

Derek says incredible – interesting and innovative. Liked the transitions and lifts. Twitch would like more side by side, Jennifer agrees. I think they’re wrong – the side by side in contemporary is over done. Ne-Yo says he wants to speak on the small margin for error – he saw a little off time. He has to judge it.

Josh/Erica are next. They’re hooking themselves together, which is slightly terrifying to everyone in the room. Wow. Sharp. I like that both pairs are not falling back on contemporary cliche. AKA fake angst. This is a marionette act, very cool. That was quite good. This one will be a tough call.

Ne-Yo says it’s very interesting. He stills thinks she’s too soft. Derek disagrees. A lot. 🙂 Derek says it was so creative and so interesting. His butt was clenched. 🙂 Yeah, this dance was right up his alley. Jennifer says it was risky and that it forces them into a box, but she thinks they pulled it off amazingly. She’s not sure they did all they could do to win the dule. Twitch says they have to think about thinking about things that will pop. Great Job.

Derek: Josh/Erica
Jennifer: Jake/Chau (I was right)
Ne-Yo: Jake/Chau

Not sure I agree with that one. I think I’m on Derek’s side on this one.

Love the BTS thing about TikTok – Derek is hilarious. Yes, I probably would kill him.

Oxygen Versus Geometrie Variable is the next duel. Right now I vote Oxygen. Although, I really like Geometrie Variable as well, but it might be too subtle for TV.

They’re all giving face, of course. Geometrie Variable up first.Off to a great start, not quite so rigid and much more flow than their first routing. Still Very intriguing. Liked the chin/shotgun move. Wow. That was quite good.

Ne-Yo has to go out and high five them all. Loves the Chinography. Ne-Yo has zero critiques. Jennifer had wondered how often they could see that but they did a hundred new things. She says it was surprising and really great. Derek says they’ve never had that before as an entire routine. They proved that it could hold up over the course of the show.

Oxygen…commercial. Okay here we go. High energy, tight. I would have given more thought to the shirt colors and who was going to be where. And then they did on the train moves. They’re in rainbow formation. Love the slow down portion. That was really good, but I don’t know if it was up to DV. They went away from what made them unique last time and Ne-Yo points that out. Jennifer seems to agree with Ne-Yo. Derek says they took out the special sauce. I agree. I agree with all that. tWitch thinks it was dope – it was, but was it dope enough? This is right up his alley.

Jennifer: GV
Derek: GV
Ne-Yo: GV

I agree with that pick, sadly. I really loved Oxygen’s first round so much, but they just didn’t bring it as hard this time.

Twitch now has to decide who from the Upper Division is going to compete again for a final spot in the competition.

Redemption Round!! Twitch goes back stage to pick who will get another shot. Your competitors are:

Luca and Alessandra
The Rise
Styles and Emma
Josh and Erica

Damn, this is a tough call. I think he’ll pick The Rise and Luca/Alessandra. Of course, those are my favorites, so…

tWitch picks….Styles and Emma. And…Oxygen. Wow. I got that totally wrong. Very happy for Styles and Emma, but I think Oxygen was probably the wrong pick. I’m miss my white haired guy. 🙁

I think Derek agrees with me. 🙂 Rooting for Style and Emma at this point. We’ll see. Yep, Derek was with me.

Style and Emma first. tThe splits are unbelievable. Much more balletic this time. They are killing it. His pirouette was excellent. Yeah, that was really good.

Next up, Oxygen. They are dressed in a way that makes me hopeful. Okay, that opening was stellar. The outfits are totally part of the dance. That was brilliant. Just amazing. Sheet.

All judges wondering why they didn’t do that the first time. Derek’s kinda mad because they’re going to have to lose one now. Agreed. Jennifer says you only have here and now and you can’t take it for granted. You have to attack every time.

This is unfortunately a no brainer, IMO. It should be Oxygen, although I want it to be Styles and Emma because of their style being so rare. Love that shot of Derek scanning the room.

The winner of redemption:
It’s unanimous. Oxygen. Use, that one was sadly obvious.

Next week, the Juniors duel. Hopefully they’re not as infuriating. But I suppose they will be. 🙂