World of Dance, Season 4 – The FINAL, Live Blog

Dang, almost missed it. Good thing I turned on my TV early. Didn’t realize they were starting early tonight.

Opening moves from all the dancers are looking fine!!

Jennifer says it feels like anyone’s game and she doesn’t know, for the first time, who’s going to win.

Oxygen, from the Netherlands, is an upper group and they are getting mentored by the judges. Ne-Yo says they have a slight advantage. Jen likes the choreography but she needs more at the end. Derek says the final 8-count should be the 8-count of your life.

Derek’s jacket is lovely, by the way. 🙂 Unicorn gel pod. LOL!! Such boys.

Weird to see the place without an audience. Oxygen entering the stage…

Like their outfits. “Is she getting in my pod?” LOL Jennifer. Love the arm thing and the formations…don’t even know what to call that. Getting a real Frankenstein thing here. Pretty cool. Very sharp, very precise. It’s kind of low energy. I don’t know if that’s enough.

Ne-Yo says it’s dope, super clean lines, what he’s come to expect. Derek says it was a signature move. JLo says the beginning was sooo strong, she loved that. Derek saw lots of detail. Jennifer says it was the best they had but the ending fell a little bit flat. (Agreed) Ne-Yo expected more from the prop. Derek arguing a bit with that one.

They’re locking in the scores, but I don’t think we’ll see them until the end.

Ne-Yo: 94
Jen: 91
Derek: 94

For an average of 93 – that is very unlikely to hold up, considering what we have seen from the other competitors. Because they went first, them winning makes it even less likely. One of the last two teams is more likely to win, I’m thinking. We’ll see. Of course, that bums me out that MDC 3 are up next.

MDC3, IMO, are tied for first place with Jefferson and Andrianita and Oxygen. Now, I don’t think Oxygen was good enough. Let’s see what these three have for us…after the commercial. Derek imagining a loud audience. Good luck, honey.

MDC3 – the last standing junior division. Excellent routine last night, going to be hard to top. Ne-Yo wants to hear the story. Represents their story through the journey. Derek likes it. Jennifer wants to know their opening – wants something strong.

Here we go! Good luck kids!! Again, love the outfits. Like the staging too, Nappytabs. Their lifts are amazing, a bit to much reliance on stereotypical contemporary moves tonight. Love the back bend moves. Again, I don’t think there was enough there compared to last night. Very good dance, but I wasn’t as into it as I was last night.

Jennifer says it’s the quality of their dance that gives her goosies, even though their tricks are good. Derek loves the floor section, how in sync it was and the head slide was great. Ne-Yo noted the break dancing section. Jennifer says their consistency is great.

I don’t think either Oxygen or MDC3 gave us a million dollar routine, and MDC3 in particular felt too short. I’m hoping Jefferson and Andrianita kill it at this point. I think the problem is that Oxygen and MDC3 were so excellent last night that it’s hard to live up to.

Ne-Yo: 95
Derek: 97
Jennifer: 95

For an average of 95.7 for MDC3 which means that Oxygen is out. Derek is on crack for that 97, IMO. He scored them lower last night for a better routine. I see how they’re going to do it now, so it’s not necessarily the last two, one of which who will win.

Jefferson and Andrianita up next!! They get my vote, not only for baby Derek, but because I’m all about the latin and ballroom. Hope they kill it. Derek loved their side by side in mentoring. Jennifer hits them on the precision. Ne-Yo says they have a shot.

And here we go. I LOVE the pink!! She does strut. Oooo..up on a platform with a leap off. Great! the toss onto the platform was a bit awkward. but they killed it from there. Love the stair dancing. Wow, some of those tosses are amazing. Going back up the stairs was a mistake. Did Nappytabs talk them into that staging? I cry foul.

Derek says that was so amazing they don’t need an audience. It was fantastic. Ne-Yo notes the lift to the platform as I did. Jennifer thinks the stairs hurt them, as do I. I would be pissed if I found out that Nappytabs staged that. Derek says it was a great final performance, they should be proud. They are doing things he’s never seen before. I think they should beat MDC3 but we’ll see.

Ne-Yo: 94
Jennifer: 96
Derek: 96

For an average of 95.3 and Jefferson and Andrianita are knocked out. I think that’s the wrong decision – contemporary is so much easier than what they do and they weren’t that impressive tonight. Booooo!

If Geometrie Variable wins this I’m going to be kinda ticked off, unless they show us something super different tonight. Based on body of work, it’s should be one of the other three, and two of the are now out. Nothing against GV – I like them just fine, they just have a bit of sameness after a while.

Dang, his drawing is great!! Well, of Derek and Ne-Yo, not sure about Jennifer. Jennifer looking critical during the mentoring. The judges tell them to speed it up a bit. That might do the trick.

GV say this is new and fresh and it deserves a million dollars.

Damn commercial.

I saw an odd snap there at the beginning. Very cool,but worthy? Not yet. The staging is winning so far. Okay the dude waking forward and back through the arms swinging was cool. That seemed highly edited. Personally, I think the kids should win it

Jennifer says she never thought a group like them would make it to the final. Derek says fantastic, well done. He loves all the effects. I would bet money that was all Nappytabs. Ne_yo agrees with Jennifer, he didn’t think they would go that far. Derek Loves their work as a choreographer. I think they are fantastic, but I’ll be disappointed if they win. Based on last night, I’m rooting for the kids.


Ne-Yo: 94
Jennifer: 92
Derek: 94

For an average of 93.3 and the kids win!!! Finally, a right choice in the end. Well done. Wow…that ends so abruptly. 🙂 See you next time, everyone.