Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 10 (Finale) – Power Rankings

So ends the inaugural season of World of Dance – can’t say I was entirely surprised with the result, given the song-and-dance we’ve seen from the judges all season long. That sadly made last night’s show a bit of a snooze for me, although I did thoroughly enjoy both of Swing Latino’s performances, one of Eva’s, and one of Les Twins’.

Aside from the general predictability of it all, I think the thing that bugged me most about Les Twins winning was that they were neither humble about it, nor did they really need it. Say what you will about them wanting to send their mom on a permanent vacation, but I go back to “You were touring with Beyonce and modeling for Jean-Paul Gautier before all this.” I sincerely doubt they were too bad off before WOD. On the other hand, Swing Latino members talked about family back in Colombia that they could really help if they won the million dollars, and Eva tearfully admitted that money had been tight in her family in the past year and that she’d like to at least be able to cover her own dance expenses. I thought the million would have genuinely been “life-changing”, as Derek put it, for those two – whereas it just seemed like a nice bonus for Les Twins, which they acted almost entitled to. I’ve really come to question their sincerity when it comes to their backstory, so this is just kind of another thing I’m having a hard time swallowing with regards to them. I only take solace in knowing that – to our knowledge – they can’t come back and win again next season ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankfully, it’s sounding like next season is getting a longer time slot, so hopefully things won’t be so hurried and disorganized; I’m also hoping it’s less predictable, given that the show is established now and doesn’t have to try so hard to grab an audience. So there’s that to look forward to ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still toying with how I’m going to do the power rankings next season, so feel free to offer up suggestions – we’re still just rolling with it here at PWoD, and things could change a bit next season.ย  I just ranked last night’s performances in terms of my own enjoyment once again…

1.) Swing Latino, first performance – This was the performance of the night for me – I just felt like they went above and beyond when it came to coming up with new tricks and staging for their dance, and they had my jaw on the floor multiple times.ย  I really came to appreciate that they were the last act standing that made an honest, conscious effort week after week to up their game and bring something new to the table – too many acts skated by doing the same things over and over, so they have a tremendous amount of respect from me.ย  Perhaps a bit messy in spots, as Derek pointed out, but considering that Columbian salsa is so fast, I generally cut them a bit more slack on messiness. I don’t really care when they’re tossing women 20 feet in the air ๐Ÿ™‚

2.) Eva Igo, second performance – Thank god for this, otherwise I think Eva may not have been able to hope for better than 3rd place after her first, lackluster performance.ย  Not sure that it really had much in the way of a cohesive storyline, but I liked that she returned to the displays of athleticism that got her to the finale to begin with – much more impressive than the aimlessness of her first performance.

3.) Les Twins, second performance – Probably my favorite performance they did all season, for the simple reason that it was DIFFERENT. Thought the mirrors were a nice touch, and the storyline seemed to sum up their season well. Ambitious song choice, but I feel like it paid off.

4.) Swing Latino, second performance – Not quite as glossy and impressive for me as their first performance, but perhaps cleaner, and still a solid effort. Seemed like a nice ending to the season for them.ย  Only thing I disliked were the ladies’ costumes…the gold ruffle was kinda distracting.

5.) Les Twins, first performance – Anyone else get the impression while watching this that they were really just kinda running out of ideas? The turntable felt like a bit of an afterthought – like, “Crap, throw in a turntable or something, I dunno, just make it different!” And then the part where one brother was dancing while the other just kinda ran around hyping up the crowd? That bordered on arrogant complacence for me, as if they were saying “Look, we don’t even really have to dance, we can just run around and still win this thing!!!!”

6.) Eva Igo, first performance – She didn’t screw up royally, per se, but I was just shocked at how completely underwhelming the choreography was – it was as if she ditched all the impressive shows of athleticism and just stuck with some vague flailing. I have to wonder if she was either using a different choreographer, or this was just a failed attempt at doing “something different” and kinda running out of ideas.

So those are my final thoughts – what are yours? Did the right act win? ?

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 9 (Divisional Finals) – Power Rankings

Well, surprising just about nobody at this point, the Les Twins love affair continued and they seem to be poised to win the whole thing…*yawn*. I think I’m just trying to enjoy the rest of the show for what it is: a great platform for great dancers where we see some great dancing.ย  Not sure I really agree with the politics of it all, but it is what it is.

I was pleased last night with the fact that every single act at least made an attempt to up their game and really go all in for their spot in the finale – everyone seemed to think a bit bigger with these routines. Not sure that the judges got it right all the time, but again, I guess I’m just at the point where I feel like “it is what it is” and just hope that next season leaves things a bit more open-ended. Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 8 (Cuts) – Power Rankings

Well, I said last week that I thought the judges were bound to get it wrong at some point – and unfortunately, I think that trend extended into this week, with some strange disparity amongst the judges’ scores, disparity between scores and critiques, and general quality of performance and the responses each routine got.ย  When things feel as wonky as they did on last night’s show, it does give one pause and makes one wonder what exactly is going on…

…which brings me to my next point: it’s important to remember that, while this is a reality show, it is still very, very produced, and there’s little things that go on behind the scenes that may help “shape” the show in a certain way.ย  Heidi, Vogue, and I had a pretty enlightening email conversation earlier today about some things we had read in various interviews that made us really question the validity of some of what we had seen on the show – particularly how the editing has been rather poor and left the show feeling a bit disjointed.ย  Something to keep in mind that I think escapes a lot of viewers: when you’ve got a show that is completely pre-taped like WOD, it’s entirely possible (and it’s entirely legal) for the show to edit portions of footage that do not effect the overall outcome of the competition.ย  This may mean we only see short snippets of acts that are probably going to get eliminated fairly quickly, anyway, or maybe the judges’ comments get edited together in such a way that they appear to be more positive or negative in tone than the complete critique they gave an act. It may even be that they may cut to a judge making a facial expression during a dance, and that particular clip is from another performance altogether, but contextually fits with the “story” of this particular dance better (this sneaky clip poaching is a technique oft-employed on Rupaul’s Drag Race, where several queens have claimed that critiques from the judges have often been shuffled around to make it seem like they’re talking to one queen, when they’re really talking to another). As I’ve said many a time over at PureDWTS – you guys should watch UNReal.ย  Very eye-opening about the world of reality television and how it’s often not all that…real.

But I digress.ย  What does all that have to do with the price of tea in China? I think the reason that last night’s show maybe felt so strange and incongruous was some editing – albeit poor editing.ย  Some of the acts got fairly positive critiques, but only lukewarm scores; other acts seemed to get nitpicked quite a bit more, but ended up with fairly decent scores in the end. And some cuts from the judges to the contestants and back seemed kind of jerky and abrupt, as if whole sections of dialogue had been cut.ย  I’m hoping that, with hopefully a live format and a longer time slot next season, a lot of these awkward bits of editing disappear. And as for the scoring disparities – I find myself wondering if this might be one of the caveats of the judges scoring on multiple metrics, and not seeing how their fellow judges are scoring.ย  The only analogy I could come up with takes me back to my sorority days, during formal recruitment.ย  There were multiple rounds, and each potential candidate was interviewed by a different sister during each round, and then we’d score each candidate and come up with an average that helped to determine if the candidate was going to be offered a bid. Each year, there always seemed to be a candidate that was either rude/distant/uninterested/generally unpleasant that somehow managed to score high enough to get into bid territory, despite all of the sisters who interviewed her being generally unimpressed. We figured out that, because we were scoring independently, most of us tended to pad our scores a bit, just so we didn’t seem douche-y, figuring that the girl wouldn’t make it through, anyway. And when we all did it – it actually had unexpected side effects.ย  Part of me wonders if something similar is happening with the judges scores – the fact that they aren’t colluding is leading to unexpected disparities, since they can’t really bounce ideas off one another.ย  Or I’m just trying to make sense of nonsense ๐Ÿ˜› Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 7 (Cuts) – Power Rankings

Well, it was bound to happen at some point – the judges got it wrong. For the most part, I’ve generally agreed with them on most scoring – but they really screwed the pooch last night when they scored Diana, because they kinda backed themselves into a corner scoring her so high that they had to go even higher with Eva, thereby bumping out The Lab…who I think deserve a spot in the final two far more than Diana. And now we’re stuck with two angsty, flailing contemporary girls, representing (or rather, MISrepresenting) the entire talent pool of the junior division.ย  We lost a fantastic tapper, a fantastic ballroom couple, and a fantastic hip-hop group for this???

The only saving grace for that FUBAR was Misty, who thankfully called out Diana in particular for some technique issues with her feet – I feel like some of the judges (particularly Jennifer) allow themselves to get so carried away in the emotion of a routine that they tend not to notice when the choreo or execution is a bit lacking…so I’m glad Misty didn’t seem to have rose-colored glasses on when she basically told Diana “Girl, work on your footwork.”

So because last night was a bit odd in terms of format (we got through the 5 acts in the junior division, and then only 2/5 team acts…three more to be shown next week), and because I’m absolutely exhausted from work and I feel a migraine brewing, I’m gonna keep it simple and just gonna rank the acts we saw last night purely in terms of my own enjoyment. This is irrespective of whether or not they advanced to the next round or how they scored – this is just how much I personally liked them (or disliked them). I’m hoping they get granted a 2-hour time slot next season, so they have a bit more time to work in all of these acts and don’t have to do some questionable scheduling to make everything fit ๐Ÿ™‚

Predictions headed into next week? I think Swing Latino stands a good shot of making it through the cuts to the next round, but I think Super Cr3w is probably screwed, along with Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions and Chapkis Dance Family; Kinjaz seem to stand a good chance of making it through, barring any major snafus. I’m not even sure I want to think about the upper division – I’m guessing one of the spots is has already been reserved for Les Merde Twins, and the other seems like a toss-up between Fik-Shun and Keone & Mari; my ideal scenario would be Les Twins getting shut out completely in favor of Fik-Shun and Luka & Jenalyn advancing, just to add some variety to the next round… Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 6 (Duels) – Power Rankings

So in what’s seemingly becoming a pattern – I apologize for the extreme tardiness of these rankings ๐Ÿ˜› At least this time, I have a legitimate excuse – we were experiencing some pretty hefty technical difficulties this week, which have only recently gotten remedied. Thank god for bosses who know how to fix this stuff…thanks John!

This round of the power rankings is brought to you by this face, my favorite gif of the moment ๐Ÿ˜› :

So this week wrapped up the duel round, and I gotta say – why the hell have they turned the last episode of each round into such a slapdash, gotta-fit-it-all-in-despite-taking-our-time-the-first-two-episodes pace? We’ve only got 4 episodes of this show left in the season, and there’s acts that we still know next to nothing about and have only seen tiny glimpses of, and the pacing of each of these third episodes of a round just leaves my head spinning.ย  Really hoping this was just a result of this being the rookie season of this show, and everything next season will be a lot better thought-out and more organized.

Another thing I’m hoping not to see next season? A bunch of previously-established acts with super-rabid fanbases that have a sense of entitlement about their faves. I’ve said it before, but I get the impression that certain acts may have been invited to do the show for the simple purpose of bringing along their previously-existing fanbases and hopefully boosting ratings for the show – I get that.ย  But at the same time, watching Jabbawockeez fans have an absolute MELTDOWN on Twitter and Ne-Yo (naively) trying to reason with them just gives me apoplexy. Oofdah. So let’s just leave it at “I get it, you needed to get viewers for the show.ย  Well now that you’ve got them and are guaranteed another season, maybe try turning your attention to fresh, new, undiscovered acts?”

So fifteen acts remain – five in each of the three divisions, and apparently that’s gonna get cut down by half in the next round…how? No idea ๐Ÿ˜› But at this point, I think Kinjaz are the most likely to win the team division, now that Jabba is gone; The Lab, Diana Pombo, and Eva Igo will probably be duking it out for the junior division; and I’m not so sure now that Les Twins is gonna coast through and win the upper division spot in the finals – their appeal seems to be fading in the eyes of at least two judges, and I’m seeing more and more fans complaining online about how “overrated” they are. I’m not sure that it’s necessarily in the best interests of the show for these guys to win…but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.ย  I’m thinking Mihacevich Sisters, Immabeast, Pasion, Chapkis, Super Cr3W, and Swing Latino are probably goners in this next round – I just don’t think they can hang. The rest is up in the air. Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 5 (Duels) – Power Rankings

So I really had to take some time to ruminate on Tuesday night’s episode, because it felt like the first time that I got suspicious of this show’s motives.ย  Don’t get me wrong – I still love the show, and I think the level of talent is unparalleled; and I am fully aware that this is a reality tv show, and a certain amount of manipulation is to be expected to create suspense and draw in viewers.ย  But some of the other night’s results made me feel a bit icky, because I felt like a few of the acts got a bit exploited in favor of propping up a judges’ favorite – I feel like Kyle kinda got the shortest end of the stick (pun intended, in light of his performance), with The Posse and Royal Flux also being treated a bit like redheaded stepchildren. Given that all three were given quite truncated spots in the qualifier rounds (with Royal Flux not even appearing on the show during those rounds), I think we already had an inkling that they weren’t long for this show – but it just felt like adding insult to injury sticking some of them in duels with powerhouses they didn’t have a hope and a prayer of beating, and then potentially editing out footage that might have helped them save a bit of face (won’t say any more, but if a routine seemed short to you – perhaps it’s because part of it was missing).

Which brings me to the picking of the duels – and let me state for the record that I still can’t say with certainty that the proverbial man behind the curtain might not be telling the acts who to pick. But c’mon – pitting the highest-scoring qualifier performance OF ALL against the second-lowest-scoring qualifier of all??? It just becomes glaringly obvious who was going to win the Les Twins vs. Kyle duel – if it was Les Twins that picked him, sorry, but that was a d*ck move on their part. If they’re so sure of themselves and such amazing dancers, then it would have made a lot more sense for them to pick someone like Fik-Shun, who is closer to both their particular style and skill level. You’re so big and bad? Take on someone that might actually be a challenge for you.ย  If it was the producers that opted to pit Les Twins against Kyle? Then I have to wonder just what kind of deals were made to get Les Twins on the show in the first place. Like Jabbawockeez (and to a lesser degree, Fik-Shun, Super Cr3w, D’Angelo & Amanda, and the Miami All-Stars), Les Twins were pretty well-known coming into the show – probably second only the Jabbawockeez in terms of how popular they were already. They were touring with Beyoncรฉ, for pete’s sake. And modeling for Jean Paul Gautier. Also worth noting: they’ve appeared on the World of Dance tour. Did they really even NEED to do this show? I’m gonna go with “likely not”, and wonder if they were asked to do the show in order to draw in viewers, much in the same way that Jabbawockeez and some of the other names I mentioned would. In which case, I could see how it might behoove a brand-new show looking to get renewed to keep a popular contestant around for awhile. Yes, I might have my suspicion-glasses on from so many years of blogging DWTS and the rampant manipulation on that show – but I’m trying to make sense of something that seems ridiculously unbalanced.

Anywho – seems like they might be setting it up for a final three of Les Twins vs. Jabbawockeez or Kinjaz vs. Eva Igo or Diana Pombo. In which case, I’ll just be enjoying the rest of the acts leading up to that point, because it seems a bit anti-climactic.ย  Should be interesting to see how things go down next week, as there’s gonna be a lot of loose ends to tie up – from the looks of the preview, there’s gonna be a 3-way duel between some of the acts from the team division (Jabbawockeez, Ian Eastwood & the Young Lions, and a group of girls that doesn’t look familiar – I’ll give you one guess who probably ain’t winning that duel), and it looks like it’s gonna be Luka & Jenalyn vs. DNA, D’Angelo & Amanda vs. Mihacevich Sisters, Kinjaz vs. somebody, and who knows what else, given that there’s STILL other acts that were called out as contestants prior to the beginning of the season, but didn’t get shown during the qualifier round. Never a dull moment ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 4 (Duels) – Power Rankings

NOTE: Once again, apologize for the lateness – although I’m afraid this might become a regular thing for the time being.ย  With one team member at work on maternity leave, and the other more inclined to whittle fidget spinners out of wood (true story) than actually help me with the work load, my days at the office are…hectic.

So the first round of duels was both interesting and a bit refreshing. While I will reserve judgment on how much the contestants may have been influenced by the powers that be when picking their duel opponents, I felt like the pairings were fair for the most part, and I commend all of the competitors for being really good sports and having a lot of respect for their opponents. I also found myself agreeing with the outcome of each of these duels – I don’t think the judges got any of it wrong. Will that continue to be the pattern? Guess we’ll see.

The love affair with contemporary dancers continues, but the fact that they didn’t seem to have qualms letting Nick go (while gushing over Eva) makes me wonder if the judges might be realizing that “there can be only one” in the finals and it’s probably gonna be Eva. I actually really liked how Jenna got more heavily featured in the duel rounds – we actually got to see her in her element as a dancer, actually working with the contestants a bit, rather than just providing moral support (albeit very adorable emotional support ๐Ÿ™‚ ) to their families backstage, like she did in the qualifier round.

So what’s on the agenda next week? Looks like the featured “duel” is Kyle Van Newkirk vs. Les Twins – a pairing that I don’t necessarily think is fair on paper, but given that they seem to be touting some “big shock” and a “David & Goliath” storyline…my guess is that Kyle ends up beating them ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I saw a promo that showed more of the duel pairings, but for the life of me I cannot recall where – but it looks like D’Angelo & Amanda, Super Cr3w, The Posse, Diana Pombo, & Pasion are on the roster. I’m rooting for D’Angelo & Amanda to make it through, but it looks like they’re either gonna have to beat Diana or The Posse – both contemporary darlings much adored by the judges. Then again, I don’t know that there’s really another decent ballroom act in the junior division, so I wonder if the judges might be inclined to keep them for variety’s sake… Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 3 (Qualifiers) – Power Rankings

NOTE: Apologies on the lateness of these rankings – work was a nightmare today, as I’m now down one team member due to her being on maternity leave; additionally, I found myself having to go back and rewatch some acts – there were just a crap ton on last night’s show.

Holy “wow, maybe we should have thrown more acts into the first two episodes!”, Batman – last night felt a tad frantic, as if they were trying to cram in a ton of acts after only really featuring less than ten in both of the previous weeks’ qualifiers.ย  And we STILL did not see all of the 45 acts on the full list of contestants – so does that mean we aren’t actually going to see some of the acts at all? Or are some of the acts coming into the battle rounds without their initial qualifier performance being shown, and they’re gonna tell us more about them in the coming weeks? I don’t really know how all of this is going to shake out, but if watching a few seasons of AGT has taught me anything, it’s that if they don’t show your initial audition on the air, and you just kinda show up in the Vegas week rounds, then your odds of advancing are probably not that great. If they don’t see fit to show you from day 1, then they likely don’t think you’re worth it. I hope I’m proven wrong in the case of World of Dance. Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 2 (Qualifiers) – Power Rankings

Ok, still a great show and I’m loving it, but I did notice the judges getting a bit more real with the contestants this week – I’m thinking last week’s episode was extra honeymoon-y to draw people in and get them hooked, and then they dropped the hammer (just a tiny bit!) this week.ย  Judges seemed a bit pickier, and we were shown a montage of acts that didn’t make it, rather than just the one from last week’s show. But I do appreciate that the judges are unusually constructive in their criticism – they aren’t out to make audience jaws drop at their cruelty, they don’t make rambling & vague complaints with no basis in reality, and they do seem to be genuinely trying to help the acts improve. Man, DWTS really has left me jaded, if the judges on another dance show managing basic human courtesy leaves me shocked & delighted ๐Ÿ˜›

As I mentioned last week, we’re still figuring this show out and how we want to blog it – so in light of that, I switched up how I’m doing the rankings from last week: since everyone is just trying to qualify at this phase in the competition (and nobody is really competing against each other yet, per se), I may as well just rank the performances in order of how well I thought they did (and their potential to stick around), from best to worst. Once we get to the face-off round (I think that’s what they called it…or is it the “battle” round? Idk…), then I’ll start comparing the acts to other acts in their division. And just as a reminder: if you want to see Heidi’s thoughts on last night’s episode, go here; music list from last night’s show can be found here.ย  And my thoughts on last week’s episode are here ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more..

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Pure World of Dance Season 1, Week 1 (Qualifiers) – Power Rankings

Well after the manipulation headache that was the most recent season of DWTS, I’m happy to say that the premiere of WOD was a nice palate cleanser last night ๐Ÿ™‚ There was nary a whiff of manipulation to be found, and on the whole, everybody on the show – from the contestants, to the judges, to the host, to the audience – just seemed really excited to be there, and grateful for the opportunity.ย  My, what a difference a lack of arrogance and entitlement in the cast of dance show makes to my enjoyment! ๐Ÿ™‚ Was also kinda nice that it was only an hour long, and we only saw seven acts in this first episode, which makes blogging a brand new show seem a bit less daunting.

That being said – bear with me (and Heidi, and Vogue) because we’re still trying to figure this show out, and how we want to approach it in our coverage.ย  If you have any suggestions, PLEASE – do share them, because we are quite literally making this up as we go along ๐Ÿ˜› If there is some aspect of the show you would like us to cover, let us know – we are open to suggestions. In case you missed it, you can check out Heidi’s live blog of last night’s show here; if you’re looking for a list of music from last night’s episode, go here. We are still working on getting profiles posted for all of this season’s contestants, but you will be able to find all of them here.

Now, onto the power rankings – these are obviously going to be different than the ones I do for PureDWTS.ย  Since the contestants are currently only competing against other contestants within their division, it really only makes sense to rank them against the other acts in their division on a given episode. Since there were only six acts last night (that actually advanced to the next round), there were only two acts in each division – so it’s really just a matter of “which of these two acts did better?” And when I say “better”, I mean “more likely to stick around in this competition and possibly win”. So I just ranked the two acts within each division and gave my thoughts – and at the bottom of the page, I did “Court’s pick”, which was just my personal favorite from the episode, and also who I think fared the best out of all the acts on a particular episode. I also threw in the “eliminated” category to give my thoughts on any acts eliminated from last night’s show. And again – I’m totally open to suggestions if you think there’s a different way to do it that might work better. Shall we begin? ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more..

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