‘World Of Dance’ Season 2, Week Six Qualifiers – The Performance Videos

What a show again! If you missed it, below are the performances that qualified. The Rock Company was my very fave. Creative, moving, and so powerful! I loved DNA too!

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Pure World of Dance Season 2, Week 6 (Qualifiers) – Music from Tonight’s Show

Here it is – the music from tonight’s episode, in chronological order. I’ve included a description of when in the episode it played in parentheses.

“Move Your Body” by Sia (intro)

“Start Over” by Imagine Dragons (DNA intro)

“O Fortuna/Fortuna Plango Vulnera” by Carl Orff (DNA performance)

“Feel Again” by OneRepublic (DNA scores)

“Game Time” by Flor Rida feat. Sage the Gemini (Brotherhood intro)

“Run It!” by Chris Brown (Brotherhood performance)

“Walking the Wire” by Imagine Dragons (Brotherhood scores)

“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus (Vivian Ruiz intro)

“You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” by Demi Lovato (Vivian Ruiz performance)

“Thunder” by Leona Lewis (Vivian Ruiz scores)

“Grown” by Little Mix (The Untouchables intro)

“Instruction (Live)” by Jax Jones (The Untouchables performance)

“Cut To The Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepsen (The Untouchables scores)

“Bang Bang” by Will.I.Am (st kingz performance)

“Get It Right” by Diplo feat. MØ (st kingz scores)

“Kiss the Sky” by Jason Derulo (Ashley & Zack intro)

“Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars (Ashley & Zack performance)

“Call on Me (Ryan Riback Remix)” by Starley (Ashley & Zack scores)

“Unbroken” by Birdy (The Rock Company intro)

“Imagine” by Emeli Sandé (The Rock Company intro)

“Anything’s Possible” by Lea Michele (The Rock Company scores)

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World of Dance Season 2! WEEK 6 Live Blog!!

Okay, I think we’re back to normal after a repeat last week?? As for me – BEWARE!! I’ve been awake since 1 am (work life is hell) and I’ve had wine. It’s like a double whammy. 🙂 Super punchy and it’s very possible that I could fall asleep during the commercials. My *eyes* hurt.

Here we go!!

First up, some familiar faces from last season – DNA. He’s the one who got picked on a bit for not being strong enough for the lifts they were attempting. Curious to see if he’s done some strength training.

Opening is very impactful. Excellent. Gorgeous. I think they’ve modified their routine a bit to avoid the strength issue although they still have crazy good lifts. EXCELLENT routine.

JLo and Ne-yo both comment on his bigger muscles. Derek likes that he took responsibility. He loves her legs – I agree, she was amazing as well.

Scores: 85, 89 and 89 for an average of 87.7. They’re going through and rightfully so!!

As of right now there are 41 acts that we haven’t seen yet. I’m still wondering when they’re going to cut to the chase like they did last season. Of course, last season there were quite a few acts that we never saw. Interesting to see how they proceed this season!

What are the judges talking about when we come back from commercial? No idea. I must be tired cuz I’m not following it.

Next up…guys in hockey uniforms?? Am I delusional? No. This is Brotherhood – Upper team from Vancouver, Canada.

Wow. Super tight opening. and there’s 10 of them. Not easy. Love that linked up move. Oh and bringing the sticks in is risky. Using the whole stage is awesome. I feel like they got edited a bit more than previous acts.

Derek is digging them although he has some commentary on the props – be careful they don’t go to far. Ne-Yo wanted more props and for them to be careful with their faces. JLo thinks they started a bit slow and that they’re missing an “it” factor. Not sure I agree with her. I liked them!!

Scores: 85, 81 and 75 (Derek, Ne-Yo, JLo) for an average of 80.3 – barely squeaked through!! JLo kinda low balling. Odd.

Whenever we get to the end of the Qualifiers, I will do a big recap/summary. Anything in particular you want to see?

We have a youngster up next who is talking about her boyfriend breaking up with her. I don’t think you could pay me to go back to that age. So freakin’ hard. What is this child’s name? She’s a junior named Vivian Ruiz. From Miami, dancing contemporary, cuz that’s what you do.

Great control. Not too flail-y. She’s kinda interesting. Great feet. Geez, WoD, why are we editing the acts suddenly.

Derek asking her what the routine was about. She talks heart break. Girl, trust me – it gets better. Derek commiserating. 🙂 Talks about writing love letters. He points out her off balance moment – I agree, I noted it as well.

JLo feeling the pain and relates. Says she does a good job. Ne-Yo talking about pain and not out running it.

Scores: 83, 84, 82 for an average of 83 – she’s going through!!

Derek tells the story that his fans have heard before from when he was 16 and writing love letters, dropping water on the paper to make it look like he was crying. Ne-Yo scoffing – dude, I’ve heard this story 4 times now. Real deal. 🙂

By far, they haven’t show the Junior teams the most. There’s still a ton of those on the list who haven’t aired yet. I wonder if they just weren’t good enough to air??

D’Angelo back with the Untouchables. He was on last year with Amanda as a ballroom dancer. He’s Ruby’s sister – we saw her in week 4 or 5 – she killed it. Don’t get carried away, dad. The finals aren’t that easy. The Untouchables are a Junior group dancing…salsa??

Great start. Lots of tricks. Great sync. Might be too much going on here. Eh, losing a bit of sync there in the middle. Pretty tight towards the end. Great routine all in all, IMO.

JLo loving them and their outfits and the latino energy. She says they’re different. Really? Okay. Ne-Yo commenting on the business that I mentioned. Derek talking about how D’angelo recruited an army (in a funny way) and is talking technique.

Scores: 87, 89, 90 for an average of 88.7 – going through on a nice high score. Derek scored them very well. Of course, he’s most qualified to score that group.

Derek, why you so handsome?? 🙂

Good versus “World of Dance good”.

Next up ST Kingz from Japan. Looks like a Broadway group. But they say “Hip hop/comedy”. Okay. Great song, and they are kind of amusing. Better yet, they’re decent dancers. Once again, an edited routine. I suspect every time I say that they are going to lose a duel.

Derek says it took too long to get to the dancing. Ne-Yo says that it was technique versus showmanship. JLo wanting them to go to another level and dig in. Judges not raving for sure.

Scores: 79, 78, 80 – not enough to make it through with an average of 79. I would agree that they need tougher choreography.

Nest up is a very familiar couple from Derek and Julianne’s MOVE Live on Tour – Zack and Ashley both danced with Derek and Julianne. Finally, a couple dancers that acknowledge that. Talking about Derek the energizer bunny. Both are nervous they will let him down. Unlikely. I saw both live.

Loved Zack on MOVE. Contemporary dancers…I would swear he was a tapper, but I could be confused – excellent combinations. Not too flail-y. pulling some of their expertise from dancing with Derek and Jules. Wow. This is a tough routine with HARD lifts and tricks. Zack is kinda hot. I’ve always thought so. 🙂

Ne-Yo comments on how it was sensual but not raunchy. JLo loves them as well but didn’t care for the song – artistic choice. Derek loves the emotion, the lifts, comments that he’s not seen one of the lifts before.

Scores: 84, 84, 87 – average of 85 means they move on to the next round!! I personally thought they were better than Eva Igo. I hope they go far – loved both on MOVE last summer.

Finally up tonight, a contemporary group from Las Vegas – been looking forward to them since seeing the commercials from this week. They are dancing in tribute the the Vegas shooting. Very emotional. Some are only 11 and 12 years old. They’re killing me.

They’re message is about having hope – The Rock Company!! Expecting a lot from these babies.

Oh geez, the opening i just amazing. What do you call that?? I think of a waterfall with those movements. The little once are doing some heavy lifting. Excellent routine, although they were edited as well, which pisses me off!

JLo out there hugging them and they’re all sobbing. And now I am as well.

Derek asks what it was about – October 1st in Vegas. JLo says it was really beautiful and powerful. She’s raving. I’m kinda pissed that there was clearly more to that routine that we didn’t get to see. Derek is saying how special and powerful it was – how their foundation was so strong and how it allowed the emotion to come through even stronger. Ne-Yo agrees with Derek. Should be good scores.

Scores: 97, 97, 96 for an average of 96.7. Very excellent. I wish we could have seen the whole routine, damnnit. They are one huge puddle of joy.

Ne-Yo – I love when juniors are only junior because of their age. Truth.

Familiar faces next week too!! Like Luka and Jenalyn. The status is as follows:

Uppers – 10 acts
Upper Team – 6 teams
Juniors – 9 acts
Junior Teams – 11 teams

Weird. We could be in the qualifiers for a while, with only 6 acts a week. More likely is that we just don’t see some acts much like last year. We’ll have to wait and see!!

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