The Judges Promote World of Dance Season 3 – It Starts TONIGHT!!

Be here tonight for the live blog we typically do when the show is airing. First, though, is some promo that our judges have been doing recently – mainly Derek at this moment, but I’ll update as I find more.

Next, a great interview with Parade Magazine. There’s a tiny excerpt below (with something I didn’t know about Derek before!), but click the link to read the whole thing.

To judge ballroom dance, you have to study and pass a test or something.

Which I have.

Did you have to learn anything to be a judge on World of Dance?

No. I think that for me personally and my experience in being a World Champion, winning shows, and choreographing, whatever it might be, I feel like that was a 20-year test that I might have taken.

ETA: Nice little facebook interview that I can’t embed