Parade Magazine Introduces World of Dance Season 3 Contestants!!

This is a nice article which introduces 15 of the 54 acts that will be competing on the upcoming season. I’ve put a short excerpt below, but click the link to read the whole article in Parade. Most of us will recognize this first group – every season they’ve had people competing on the show.

Dancetown Divas

Hometown: Miami, FL
Members: 15
Ages: 12-15
Style: Ballroom
Division: Junior Team
Bio: The Dancetown Divas, put together by choreographer Manny Castro, originate from the same Miami dance studio as World of Dance alumni Miami All-Stars and D’Angelo & Amanda from Season 1 and Jonas & Ruby and The Untouchables from Season 2. Individually, these girls have accomplished a lot, and they’re looking to prove that they belong on the big stage.

Derion & Madison

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Members: 2
Ages: 23-28
Style: Contemporary
Division: Upper
Bio: This duo of extremely athletic dancers are known for doing the unexpected in their self-choreographed dance routines. They met while touring with Diavolo and instantly became fast friends, describing themselves as “twins separated at birth.” Their unique style, technique and ability to pull off the impossible, all while making it look easy, makes them a force to be reckoned with.

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Pure World of Dance Season 1 Contestant Profile: Miami All-Stars

Division: Team
Genre: Ballroom
From: Miami, FL

I feel like the Miami All-Stars were in a relatively unique situation on WOD this season – from what I can gather from one of the team members’ Instagram posts, they actually hadn’t been performing together for awhile when WOD was announced, and it seems they may only have reunited in order to try out for WOD. Reunited, you say? Well, back in 2011, they auditioned for America’s Got Talent (SYTYCD and Derek Hough fans, keep your eyes peeled towards the right side of the screen at the :35 mark to catch a glimpse of a pre-SYTYCD Rudy Abreu, who was a member at the time):

If the guy talking looks familiar, that’s Manny Castro – father of D’Angelo from D’Angelo & Amanda. Not sure if he is still choreographing/coaching the group or not (he wasn’t mentioned with regards to MAS when they did their qualifier performance), but the MAS are from his studio.  The judges loved them on AGT, and they advanced straight to the live shows without having to qualify in Vegas.  They made it through the top 48…those pink costumes look familiar?

And then also advanced through the semifinals (those outfits look kind of familiar, too)…

And ended up finishing that season in the top 10…

Court’s thoughts: I had really high hopes for them, given how much I loved them on AGT – but after seeing their qualifier performance, I’m wondering if WOD was really the right stage for them, both literally and figuratively-speaking. I’m thinking part of their appeal on AGT was their ability to fill up a HUGE stage with an action-packed routine – something that they kinda had to reign in for WOD, and I’d say with mixed results. Their duel performance was a huge improvement, and had they not been up against Swing Latino, I think they could have eked out another round on WOD. I’m not sure we’ll see them back next season – the members seem to be pretty tied up with other projects – but I am curious to see if Manny brings one of his studio’s other groups, The Untouchables or Dancetown Chaos, to try out…

Social media:

Miami All-Stars Facebook
Miami All-Stars Twitter
DancetownUSA Instagram (their home studio)

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Pure World of Dance Season 1 Contestant Profile: D’Angelo & Amanda

Division: Junior
Genre: Ballroom
From: Miami, FL

When I first heard that World of Dance had been greenlit, one of my first thoughts was “I bet we see at least one of the Castros on it.” And no, I’m not talking about about the late Cuban dictator – I’m talking about the dance family from Miami that has more or less made a career out of appearing on (and doing pretty well on) reality tv competition shows. And sure enough, two of the finalists on this inaugural season are from that family – D’Angelo & Amanda in the junior division, and the Miami All-Stars in the team division.

Those already familiar, you can skip these next few paragraphs.  Those not, buckle in, cause these two have a pretty impressive resume so far… Read more..

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