Another Division Added To ‘World Of Dance’ Season 2

In a new interview with Derek Hough on August 3rd, we learned there will be longer episodes in Season of “World Of Dance” which means they can dive into the contestants lives more and have more performances (yay!). Now, we’re learning on another new little tidbit for World Of Dance Season 2. According to the office site, there are FOUR divisions not three like in the previous season.

NBC, Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez, and the premiere dance brand, World of Dance, are bringing you the second season of the world’s biggest dance series. The show will feature the most talented and innovative dancers of all styles and ages from across the entire globe.

Open to soloists, duos, trios, and groups, the best dancers on the planet will hit the stage to battle it out for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Top qualifiers in four divisions; Junior, Upper, Junior Team, and Team will go head to head on their quest to win it all!

Interesting. For more information on the Division Ages and Sizes, the Audition process, and how contestants can register to compete, see this World Of Dance Casting link.